Dear Luifriends,
For nearly two weeks now Bishop Stephen and his wife have visited us and taken part in many activities. Last weekend 7 -9th of September Church of Sweden had a big conference or actually a celebration "Världens fest" in Malmoe with 3500 participants. This was focused around the international work in Church of Sweden and cooperation with churches and aidorganisations in many different countries.During this we had a seminar - "South Sudan- a new beginning" and Bishop Stephen also gave a message from the stage in the Saturday evening Peace manifestation in the main square.
Beside this they have been visiting parishes and schools in seven of our deaneries, our linkgroup have met and this coming Sunday +Stephen will participate in the ordination service of four new Deacons and there also our new revised link agreement will be signed. During the coming week they will also have a one day trip to Uppsala and our main Church office to meet people there. Unfortunately Lillian has become sick - probably Malaria - and has been forsed to stay with the hosts and not take part in the program these last days. Please keep her in your prayers.
Marie Körner

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