This looks like a wondeful event! I have some translation questions.

Are teas by the river an amount or a locatio?

What are bottle stalls?

And what/who is the human fruit machine???

We might need some pictures. :)

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Comment by Anne Powell on May 27, 2014 at 11:42am

Whoops!  I put the photo of Bishop Stephen and the camels in twice.  In the second photo he is standing behind the font, which I think he liked even more than the camels. It is a modern piece with water to the brim flowing out of four corners.   We're told that when camels aren't drinking from it, tourists have occasionally put their purses on it, thinking it is glass! 

Comment by Anne Powell on May 27, 2014 at 11:37am

Dear Beth

Thanks for asking these questions.  This is a traditional English Garden Fete - think 'Morse' or 'Midsomer Murders' which are TV dramas that I believe have been shown in the USA.  The Bishop's residence, called 'South Canonry' has a lovely garden that runs down to the river.  The fete is the main fundraiser each year for the Salisbury Medical Link, which sends packs of primary healthcare drugs to ECS clinic throughout Sudan and S Sudan.

Teas by the river are a location

Bottle stalls are a tombola where you pay an amount to draw a ticket  from a container and maybe win a small prize - in this case the prizes are all bottles of ..........

The human fruit machine is the best.  A large cardboard box with three windows cut out for faces and three children inside. When someone pays to have a go, the children dive down inside and each grab a piece of fruit from a bowl they have at their feet.  As far as prizes are concerned  it works like a mechanical fruit machine but is a great way for children to help with the fundraising.

Last year Bishop Stephen was quite taken with the camels, beautiful, clean creatures and we thought they were well-mannered too, but we later were told that they went into the Cathedral and filled their humps from the font, which then had to be sanitised before a baptism could take place the following day.

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