Greetings from Lund.

Regarding the financial assistance to Lui we have a couple of big undertakings ahead of us.

Recently in our International Strategic group we granted the application for a new Diocese car for Lui. It was mentioned as the top priority in the Diocese offering for Lui that takes place once a year. Unfortunately the offering didn´t amount to what we hoped for but we will solve this one way or the other.

Secondly we also agreed to give financial assistance to the pastors and their families from the linkparishes in Khartoum for their repatriation to the south. We felt obliged to do so since our linkrelation to Lui started in 1995 with the IDP´s from Lui under the leadership of Bishop Ephraim Natana but this is the last grant directed towards Khartoum and a letter have been sent to Bishop Ezekiel Kondo in Khartoum that expains how we now will concentrate on the Lui diocese itself in the south.


We are in the process to discuss how the parishes that now lose their linkparish in Khartoum instead will be involved.


We had a project that we started together wioth Strait Consult in order to upgrade the financial administration in Lui and two workshops have been conducted but since the leader of Strait Consult Mr Kennet Korayi is very sick it is unsure how this will continue. Though the issue itself is still very important to us.


In May we arranged a studytrip for a delegation from Lui with the Youth coordination Rev Ismael Kayanga and three other members of the youth group together with Rev Margret Obodayo to the Kasumbiliro parish in Tanzania. Myself and four others joined from Sweden and together we learned about woodsaving stoves, organisation of tree-nursery as well as reforestation and finally about micro-financing organized as a credit and savings cooperative. We think that all this gave inspiration for different forms of development in Lui. Of course we would like to support  future development in these fiels as much as we can. I have learned that they already have buit the first stove in the house of Margret.

Finally when Göran Rosman my swedish companion on the November mission has been out speaking about Lui he also have encouraged people to contribute towards more bicycles so when time to order these I think we should join forces with you in Blackmore Vale.

I want to thank you all for organizing this community and inviting us. I will spread the word among my fellow swedes in our Sudan-network.

Marie Körner

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Comment by Debra Morris Smith on October 5, 2011 at 9:35am

Thanks so much for your post, Marie. I'm very happy that you, Blackmore Vale, Lui, and we can all work together. I'm hopeful that your gift of education in financial administration combined with Dan's month in the office will be the boost needed in that area. And I'm thrilled that Lund is going to be able to provide the much-needed Land Cruiser! This will be an enormous help and a huge relief for Bishop Stephen.

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