The Internet in Lui is still down, but Dan and Ev have a Zain SIM card now, and Ev phoned me this morning. She says an MTN tower is also going up in Lui but isn't functional yet.


Ev sounded upbeat and happy. They really enjoyed their time with Lillian and David in Uganda. They did go to Jinja, where the Ugandan source of the Nile is, and actually got into a boat and went out into it. Most of them ate local tilapia for lunch that day. MAF had their visas and they were able to get everything they'd brought on the plane.


Things in Lui sound fine. Dan is preaching tomorrow; Stephen told him he could preach between 30 and 45 minutes. Ev's classes start Monday. It turns out she is teaching a group of complete beginners, mostly women, 4 hours a day the first and third weeks they're there, but the seocnd week she'll be working with a group of pastors from the various archdeaconries on intermediate-level English. The beginners were a surprise, so I imagine she is scrambling a little to put together a plan for them. She took Bibles for reading and for use as grammar and vocabulary springboards with the intermediate an advanced students, as well as some listening materials, but didn't know she'd need anything for beginners. Still, I've never seen an elementary teacher who couldn't improvise with a class when her plans didn't work out; I'm sure Ev will be fine and the students will learn a lot!


Ev says Stephen still plans to build the new office where Bishop Bullen's personal compound is now, and that he wants to build his own house where the CMS missionaries lived and the office is currently located. I guess today's Lui is a bit of a surprise to Dan; I hadn't thought about how much it has changed since he was there till Ev mentioned that he remarked on the bridge over the Yei -- last time he was there, the team crossed the river by boat. 


I hadn't really thought about the weather for this trip. Nobody from Missouri, as far as I know, has ever been there in September. Ev says it's very rainy. Yesterday it rained for 10 straight hours, and the trek across the compound to the bathroom was very mucky. But it has dried up today and is beautiful, she said, although there were a lot of mosquitos this morning while it was damp. 

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Comment by Lisa Fox on September 3, 2011 at 2:35pm
Thanks so much for keeping us up-to-date, Debbie!

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