As we arrived home safely from Lui last night, we thanked God for our safe travel, the good health of the team, and the terrific teamwork on the mission trip. The sadness of saying goodby lingers even as we are happy to be reunited with family here. When I went to the grocery store here this morning, I found myself looking expectantly at whomever I passed for the huge smile "hello" and an outstretched hand in greeting. Sadly it didn't happen... I am so moved by the love and friendship extended by the beautiful people of Lui, and I miss them in my life here.

I can blog now. Somehow I was unable to get on the network in Lui, and I thank Beth for posting as many photos of mine as she did. The music classes in Lui were a real joy to teach. The students are extremely musical and have sung and danced since early childhood. The students especially loved the Bible verse songs, and "Jesus Loves Me" was an instant hit! For fun we learned the Hokey Pokey (body parts, left/right, in/out, etc.) and other movement songs. When Carrie was teaching the clock and time, we were all stumped to come up with a song - luckily team 2 and Debbie had just arrived because Debbie thought of "Rock Around the Clock". With a few word modifications the class sang and danced the song the next day. What fun! I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to teach music in Lui to such wonderful students.

The last Sunday before we left, there was a "choir contest." For hours we were entertained by multiple choirs singing and dancing to exciting drum and shaken gourds accompaniment, praising God and Jesus. Happily I saw many of our English and even carpentry students participating. I am attaching a video of a choir performing as well as other photos.

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Comment by Carrie Lewis on August 31, 2013 at 12:16pm
Many thanks Cyndy for all the music and fun. With best wishes, Carrie
Comment by Maria Evans on August 30, 2013 at 11:29pm

Sounds like your students were all very quick learners!  What fun.

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