Lillian tells me that there was heavy shooting in Lui all day today. She and Stephen are safe, and as far as she knows, the church's buildings are safe too. But everyone has fled to the bush, so nobody is left to ask now.

Yesterday Jambo saw a similar attack. (Jambo is the large town south of Lui just before you enter Rokon Diocese on the way to Juba.) A lot of people from the church in Mideh, which is by Jambo, had their houses burned down in this most recent fighting. 

School has been off and on this year, and for the most part people have not cultivated. 

Please pray for our friends in South Sudan, especially -- at least for now -- the people of Mideh and Lui. 

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Comment by Dan Handschy on September 17, 2015 at 8:48am

So sad to hear.

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