Bishop Stephen, Noel, and Rina from Lui are meeting with partners from Lund, Blackmore Vale, and Missouri this week. This morning we heard about the situation in Lui town and diocese, and about the 16,000+ IDPs from Greater Mundri in Juba and Yei. Some areas in the diocese are under army control, and some are under the control of the rebels, so people cannot easily move between them without being suspected of informing or spying. Some villages have been mostly burned down, and almost everything of value everywhere has been looted or destroyed. It is time to plant now, but the seeds for planting are gone. Lunging school is open with Gordon as headmaster, but other schools have closed or consolidated. The diocesan office has lost its computers, solar array, and safe. The grinding mills are safe, but there is almost nothing to grind.

I have some photos but can't add them to a blog post using the mobile interface. I will try to upload them into the photo stream.

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