The adjustment to life back in the states was eased a little by our stop in Kampala.  At the guest house we all marveled at the running water and hot showers, flush toilets, and even fans in each room!  The food was lovely, and most memorable were the harrowing car rides through the tangled streets, fighting for every inch of pavement with the other cars, motorbikes, and bicycles with not one traffic light or stop sign.

Although a day and a half have passed, I am still waking and walking in a dream.  The experience in Lui was so powerful and spiritual that the memories color my every moment.  I find tears appearing as I share with my loved ones.  The beautiful people of Lui are etched in my mind forever:  their faith, love, and humbleness.  We are now friends for life, and I feel so blessed to have experienced the trip.

My reflections have to include music.  At our nightly Compline service our team sang hymns ranging from "Amazing Grace" to "Bless the Lord" suggested by Maria, becoming our "theme" song. The music of the Lui people amazed me with their beautiful singing (with a unique tone quality) on pitch and in their high register from all ages and the intricate drumming and percussion. The songs we heard were exclusively faith-based, sung while working at tasks, in school, as well as church.  My wind recorder was of great interest, and I gave it to Bishop Stephen's wife Lillian before departure.  Lillian had an electric keyboard, and I had fun playing it and giving  lessons to a very motivated young Lui man until the electricity went out! 

I rejoice that I was blessed to meet the loving people of Lui and that God paved our way to achieve His plan for our Missouri Diocese team and Bishop Stephen's goals.  A blessed Christmas to all, Cynthia

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Comment by Marie Körner on December 17, 2012 at 2:38am

Cynthia, I totally agree with you. I keep repeating for the people here that for sure it is mutual relation and we recieve at least as much as we can give from our friends in Luio

Comment by Pauline Batstone on December 16, 2012 at 9:27am

Beautifully expressed Cindy.

On a totally different tack, I was thinking of you yesterday evening when I went to a concert by Red Priest, a quartet who played Vivaldi and other baroque music.  One of them played the recorder - of various kinds, and including two at once on a couple of occasions.  If they ever tour the USA near you, go and see them!

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