Bishops International Seminar - Lund, Sweden

Carl and I returned last Friday from our 50th wedding anniversary celebration cruise to the Scandinavian countries around the Baltic Sea. We went a few days early to Copenhagen to visit with Eric and Ewa Winqvist, our Swedish friends who worked with us in Lui.

We took a train over to their town in Sweden. Eric had told us they had a house guest,and, imagine our surprise when, low and behold! the house guest was none other than Rina, from Lui, in Sweden for a "Bishops Seminar" organized by Marie Korner, and representing the Lui Diocese along with Noel! When Marie heard that we were in from the USA, she graciously invited Carl and me and Eric and Ewa to attend the seminar. We were honored to be included, and enjoyed seeing Noel and Marie (whom we had met on our first trip to Lui in 2012.) We also met:enjoyed meeting the new bishop of Lund and many others.

We heard from all of the representatives as they outlined the conditions of need in their areas and the role of the church in helping.

We had a lovely several days visit with the Winqvists before we headed back to Copenhagen to board our cruise ship, marveling at the opportunity to see and visit with our African friends so unexpectantly. It was wonderful to reminisce with everyone about our mission work together with Lund, and we were reminded by Noel that Lui appreciates and needs our on-going support.

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