Bishop Stephen's Report from the Standing Committee Meeting in the Diocese of Lui

Bishop Stephen Dokolo sent us the following report of the actions of the Lui Standing Committee. It includes a comprehensive list of diocesan and archdeaconry appointments. 



Greetings to you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We hope that you are all fine and doing well.


I am writing to give you some updates from the Diocese of Lui.

We had Diocese of Lui Standing Committee meeting between October 6th and 7th, 2011 and this meeting is also part of our preparation for the provincial synod in Juba next month. We have discussed many things about progress and development in the diocese of Lui and  stewardship, transparency and accountability was emphasized. We look forward to the change in the life of the church.


At the end of the meeting the following appointments were made:



1.       Finance


Rev. Vasco Tadu  was appointed as Acting Diocesan Treasurer and we hope to find someone to work with him in this area so that his work load can be reduced.



2.       Administration


Rev. Gordon Solomon was appointed as Acting Diocesan Secretary and we hope to find someone to work with him in this area as assistant to him.


3.       Development


Rev. Isaac Onel Yosia appointed as Development Coordinator even though he is working with government in Juba. We have given him responsibility of mobilizing our people who are working with the government so that they can be involved in the church activities of the diocese in all the various levels of the diocese of Lui. We hope to meet regularly to see how we can improve living condition of our church members as well as the local community so that their giving to the church improves.


We hope to form development committee in the diocesan level, archdeaconry level as well as parish level and it will be responsibility of this committee to identify the needs of the local church and which project is to be established first and how the local church can contribute for the success of their project.


We are hoping that some of the returnees pastors will be willing to come and settle with us in the diocese of Lui and join hands in the development of the church. However, so far no one has turned up.


Rev. Gordon Solomon will assist with coordination of the work until we find someone who is capable to take over from him and continue with the work effectively.


4.       Mission and Evangelism


Rev. Sosthen Amin was appointed as Mission and Evangelism Coordinator.

Rev. Sylvastor Mazangwa was appointed as Assistant Mission and Evanglism Coordinator.

Rev. Manesa Opingwa was appointed as Resource Mobilization officer. 


Those three people will be working together as team and they will be responsible for organizing all the mission or evangelism work in the diocese of Lui. They will plan all the out reach activities throughout the year.


5.       Health:


Ms. Victoria Alawia and Mrs. Veronica Sosthen are appointed as Health Officers. Those two ladies are both working at Lui Hospital but they are very active members of our church.


In addition to Lui Hospital, we have plan of reviving the church clinics was lost during the long time of war and we also plan to be active in the area of health education.


Those two ladies will be traveling throughout the diocese giving basic health education in archdeaconaries as well as in parishes.


We are meeting on October 22nd to re-organize the board members of Lui Hospital and I will update you accordingly.



6.       Education:


Rev. Noel Knight was appointed as Education Coordinator. In the area of education, we have transferred Noel from Lozoh parish to Lui. He will be working in the office

of education to work with the archdeaconaries and see possibility of establishing church schools in various areas. Noel is also appointed as assistant to the Dean of Fraser Memorial Cathedral Lui and he will attending training of deans this November in Juba. This training is organized by the province of ECS.



7.       Youth:


Rev. Lorence Juma was appointed as Youth Coordinator. We have new person in as coordinator for youth Rev. Lorence Juma was sent by the diocese of Lui for theological training in Juba and he has completed his studies successfully, now he is back with us in the diocese. At the moment Rev. Ismail is still responsible and will start handing over this office step by step and this will allow him to continue working on some of the projects he has already started and will officially hand over this office to Rev. Lorance by the end of this year.


8.       Theological Education and Literature:


Canon Morris Dulla was appointed as the Coordinator and Manager.

Rev. Alex Agrab was appointed as assistant to the Coordinator and Manager and also Coordinator for 10% (Tithes) in the Diocese of Lui.

Rev. Eboul Pilary appointed as Dean of Studies for Theological Education. 


Their responsibility is to improve this ministry by training more pastors in the diocese of Lui and improve the standard of our book-store by making books available for schools as well as for church and community members.


9.       Agriculture:


Rev. John Ombongwa appointed as Coordinator for Agriculture

Rev. Lorence Mabruku appointed as assistant Coordinator for Agriculture. 


Those two people will be responsible to improve the agriculture production in the church as well as for the community. The two members of the diocese of Lui trained in Yei will be based at Lozoh parish and their responsibility is to train more church and community members.


10.   Sunday School:


Rev. Charles Makanyi was appointed as Sunday School Coordinator. He will be responsible for all Sunday school activities in the diocese of Lui for example training of the Sunday School teachers, Sunday School teaching aid and so on.


11.   Mothers Union:


Rev. Jennifer Henry (Leader) Mama Jennifer has retired during the meeting and so far we have not found some one to replace her yet but Rev. Margrate Obodayo will continue to head the office of mothers' union and she will be assisted by Ms. Hanna Sadaraka and Ms. Rasol Kayingwa Mich and when Lillian comes they will form team of four and will plan for the activities of the mothers' union.


12.   Bishop’s Chaplain:


Rev. Ismail Kayanga is the chaplain of bishop.


13.   Diocesan Driver and Mechanic:


Rev. Darius Pataki


14.   Lakamadi  Archdeaconry:


The Archdeacon of Lakamadi archdeaconry Canon Yakoba Kurayi elder brother to Kennet Korayi has retired during this meeting therefore, Rev. Stephen Taban was appointed as Archdeacon for Lakamadi Archdeaconry.  


15.   Fraser Memorial Cathedral:


Canon Joseph Philip still remains as Dean but as mentioned above Rev. Noel Knight was appointed as assistant Dean and Rev. Francis Knight was appointed as pastor for Cathedral
Those three will be responsible for the smooth running of the work in the cathedral of Lui.  


16.   Archdeacons of Lui,Minga,Kedi’ba, Buagyi, Mideh, and Wandi are in their positions.


17.   All Pastor In-charges are in their positions.


18.   All the Mothers and Lay Readers licensed by the Bishop are in their positions.


These are the few updates from Lui.
God Bless You.

In Christ,





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Comment by Susan Naylor on October 16, 2011 at 8:17pm

This is a wonderful, comprehensive report about the life of the Diocese of Lui.  I am very excited to learn of the many appointments, and pray that God grants grace to each one for the work ahead.  I am excited to hear about the efforts for health education.


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