Marie Koerner asked me to post these  photos she's received from BIshop Stephen of his new house in Lui which is being built with financial support from the Diocese of Lund.  The house has been under construction for some time, and the windows and doors have just been fitted.  How happy +Stephen and Lillian will be when they can move into this lovely new house.  I spoke with +Stephen yesterday about other matters, so I can report that he is well and is with the children for their school holidays.

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Comment by Debra Morris Smith on April 21, 2015 at 5:08pm

What a beautiful house! Kudos to everyone who consulted on the design, to the workers who built it, and to the Diocese of Lund for funding it. May we all have the opportunity to see it in person someday. It looks so well designed and solid -- a real statement of faith in the future of South Sudan on the part of all concerned. I hope the Dokolo family will be very happy there. 

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