I´m asked to put this on Lui network. (Madeleine)

Marie Körner just spoken with Lillian (first on Scype and then over the phone). Lillian is in Kampala. It's really bad news. Dinka soldiers armed with many weapons have moved along the road from Juba and west and shot at civilians, destroyed and looted. In Jambo and Buaji they surprised the population, and even churches which were built by Samaritan Purse was destroyed. At Lanyi did the locals resisted and there was heavy fighting but the soldiers with their many weapons could not be stopped, but they continued. Lillian did not know how many have been killed or wounded. These quarrels in villages closer to Juba meant that people were forewarned. In Lui all ran out and hid in the terrain. The soldiers fired their weapons under two hours, but when no one returned fire they continued to Mundri. Some shops were looted in Lui. Lillian spoke of a second wave of soldiers arrived at Lui and they stayed in the village. All locals have fled far out in the bush and it is not possible to make contact with them. Mobile network does not work, just Viva Cell is still running. The soldiers should not have attacked the hospital. The Italian doctors and hospital personnel from other countries and the Ugandan nurses and midwifery students locked themselves in at the hospital. In Juba Bishop Stephen worked of arranging for the evacuation. UNAMIS helicopter has now taken the Italian doctors and some other people out of Lui. The bishop is working on the 16 midwifery students that remain also shall be evacuated.

Ishmael and Sosthen with families are in refugee camps in Uganda. There is also George and his children, but his wife is left in Lui. Darius and Gordon and Margaret are with their families in the bush somewhere. People can only live on the little they can find of wild berries and fruits. Noel and Rina is still in Juba and Noel have lost contact with his wife and family because the mobile network's ruling. Western Equatorias governor was arrested earlier this year and replaced by another and this new governor says nothing. Nobody dares, says Lillian. It's awful - now our friends are back to the worst days of the civil war. But it is now its own South Sudanese soldiers shooting and chase away the locals.
The scary thing is that no media in Juba report on these attacks.

Marie will be in contact with Lillian again tomorrow.

Lord have mercy

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Comment by Maria Evans on September 27, 2015 at 7:03pm

I continue to pray and worry.  Thanks for the news, heartbreaking as it is.

Comment by Dan Handschy on September 23, 2015 at 12:28pm

Oh, dear.  My heart is breaking.

Comment by Anne Powell on September 23, 2015 at 1:17am

Sad and worried

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