Was it me who posted that the situation in Lui was improving?  Just a couple of weeks ago I had an encouraging phone call with Bishop Stephen, but sadly today I had the following reports.

South Sudan News Agency: Juba launches air campaign against rebels in Western Equatoria State

November 25, 2015 - South Sudanese government has launched an aerial campaign on rebel positions in Mundri County of Western Equatoria State, a Spokesperson for the armed opposition has said. The rebel Spokesman [James Gatdet Dak] says the attack violates the IGAD-Plus brokered peace agreement and that Salva Kiir is not serious about the peace deal. (more)  CLICK LINK

Someone from Mundri Relief & Development Association (MRDA) which runs education, governance, women’s and other development programmes, is reported to have told a member of Christian Aid staff that “The MRDA training centre and guesthouse are completely looted ....... with nothing remaining. The staff fled some time back.  International staff have been given leave, some local staff are in the bush and a few are in Juba. ........MRDA are not operational in Mundri at the moment”.


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