this time at least!

We will be taking Stephen to the airport, stopping on the way for him to visit a very dear friend who knows both him and Lillian for many years.


It has been a lovely and, we hope, very fruitful visit.  Stephen has been on the go from morning until night visiting parishes and meeting people. We feel sure this will energise Blackmore Vale Deanery to engage more with our Lui link.    He managed to fit in a brief trip to to coast to see the English Channel and a day in London to travel up the river Thames in a boat; ride on the Tube and one of the famous red double-decker buses and see a few of the sights, including Buckingham Palace. 


We are been so thankful for this visit and for the celebrations and conference at Salisbury.  I only wish the conference could have been in a venue for 1,000 so more people would have heard about South Sudan and Sudan and what the church is doing there. 


A few photos - Bishop Stephen about to eat traditional British fish and chips, photographing some camels which  turned up at the Salisbury-Sudan Medical Link Garden Party ~(and managed to get in the Cathedral and drink from the font, we are told); visiting an Adult Vocational Training Centre;

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Comment by Debra Morris Smith on June 25, 2013 at 6:23pm

What fun! I'm glad he was able to stay and spend some time with all of you after the conference ended. Thanks again for sharing your photos and news.

Comment by Marie Körner on June 24, 2013 at 10:17am

Anne, I can imagine your feeling is similar to mine when +Stephen and Lillian went home after three weeks - a bit empty after a very intense time. You miss your friends when they are gone. I am thankful for our telephone talk at least

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