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Companion Diocese Committee works to send a container of shoes, soap and salve to Kiryandongo camp

The CDC is organizing the diocese to collect 10,000 shoes for kids and 5,000 shoes for adults, soap, petroleum jelly, antibiotic cream, and examination gloves for the nurses--enough to fill a shipping container and get it to Sosthen and Veronica, and people from the Lui diaspora living in Kiryandongo refugee camp in Uganda.

It's a big goal and we would welcome your help.

For those not in the area, you can order items online and have them shipped to Advent Church…


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AC News Service: South Sudan bishops appeal for support as new areas hit by conflict

“It is important to speed up the process of mobilising resources so that help can reach people suffering now, with no water, no food, no medicine . . . Please share with friends, partners, so that people can get something.…


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Nuba reports

I heard an interesting interview yesterday on an American media news radio show with the founder of Nuba Reports. They are taking GoPro cameras out and trying to present informed fact minus opinion. Founder said most news in South Sudan is opinion and hard for the people in the country…


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Questions for our UK friends!

This looks like a wondeful event! I have some translation questions.

Are teas by the river an amount or a locatio?

What are bottle stalls?

And what/who is the human fruit machine???

We might need some pictures. :)…


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President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar sign a landmark agreement to end the conflict in South Sudan

IGAD Press Release


President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar sign a landmark agreement

to end the conflict in South Sudan

9 May 2014, Addis Ababa, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Government of the

Republic of South Sudan and Dr. Riek Machar, Former Vice President of the Republic of

South Sudan and leader of the SPLM/A (In opposition), met in Addis Ababa today and

signed a landmark agreement to immediately…


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Bishop Wayne writes about Lui Diocese

January 17, 2014

Since December 15 last year, when fighting first erupted around Juba, the capital of South Sudan, people have been asking about the situation in the Diocese of Lui. Early on I could respond with confidence that violence was contained around Juba, the capital city some 100 miles east of Lui.

Alas, the violence has spread into other parts of the country, mostly to the states north and east of Juba, but also into Moruland, the tribal…


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AFRECS January 1 newsletter

If you are not familiar with, or not subscribed yet to the AFRECS biweekly newsletter, I'm copying it in full below. To subscribe the the newsletter, follow this link. -Beth…


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Taliatokpe on Earth by Deborah Goldfeder

Deb writes a monthly series "Stories from the Good Road" for the Scroll (newsletter of the Episcopal Church of the Advent, Crestwood), and this is the entry for January 2014.


I had begun to hope that there would be a lasting peace in South Sudan but now I am not so sure. Events happening as I write this frighten me and take me back to my first months in Lui  when peace was a fragile dream for those exhausted by war, first with the north and then with  the Dinka…


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Saturday in Lui by Debbie Smith

Today is as much the weekend here as it is at home. The carpentry youth don't work, and the English classes are finished but wouldn't meet anyhow on Saturday or Sunday. So today we are doing different things. Rick and Erik have gone to fix…


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Debbie Smith: Notes from English Class

I have been trying to write about my class for two days, but my Kindle won't cooperate, so I am hoping Beth will post this for me.

I am teaching the youth (aka under-45) English class and really enjoying the students. I'm sad that the theft of money from the office has prompted Bishop Stephen to end the classes after tomorrow. We have been working on verb tenses and so forth, conditionals, comparisons... all that fun English teacher stuff. But for me…


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News that the second team has arrived safely in Lui

Word from Debbie Smith that the trip was without incident and they arrived to find everyone well and in great spirits.

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Notes from Evelyn Smith

We have a mixture of Mothers'Union and Youth Leaders in our class. We have separated the into groups and are teaching similar lessons depending on their needs and levels. Our building is very rustic with mud walls and a tin roof. It keeps the heat in well, so we spend time outside with a chalkboard. Requesting colored chalk from the next group. Cindy has lead the singing and Carrie and I have been the lead teachers. Martha,Jeannie, Krista have helped with all the lessons. Hopefully we will…


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Wednesday: News from the team (and a geek request)

Annette Joseph writes:

Today was the first day and we started classes.  We met with youth and the mother's union and even though there was confusion about timing on when to show up things went well.  I ran the pastors conference and it went very well.  We are learning much about one another and having fun.  We are charging a new phone and hopefully will be able to call in soon.  

So the team has access to a keyboard that is not producing the…


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Arrived in Lui

Word that the team is safely arrived in Lui but technical difficulties encountered are keeping them from online sharing here. Hoping to work that out tomorrow. 

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Most Rev. Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul: National Day of Prayer on Monday 8th July 2013,

National Committee for Healing, Peace and Reconciliation

Press Statement by Most Rev. Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul

24th June 2013

Following the welcome initiative by H. E. Vice President Riek Machar to raise awareness about the need for reconciliation in our new Republic of South Sudan, H. E. President Salva Kiir appointed a Committee for National Healing, Peace and…


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New Modem to improve African net access/ BBC article

Made for Africa: the BRCK…

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News from Wau and Kato Keji online

The Salisbury Sudan link now has copies of recent newsletters from the Dioceses of Wau and Kato Keji online:

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August 2013 Missouri led trip to Lui Diocese

The next mission trip to the Diocese of Lui will look a little different this time around. The team is split into two groups, each spending two weeks in Lui but overlapping a few days to "hand-off" projects. This longer total time in South Sudan is needed: one of the larger goals of this trip is completing the roof-less Luinjini School chapel.

The three main projects of the team are the carpentry project of building the chapel roof; ESL classes for the women of the…


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