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Bad news about Lui from Lillian

I´m asked to put this on Lui network. (Madeleine)

Marie Körner just spoken with Lillian (first on Scype and then over the phone). Lillian is in Kampala. It's really bad news. Dinka soldiers armed with many weapons have moved along the road from Juba and west and shot at civilians, destroyed and looted. In Jambo and Buaji they surprised the population, and even churches which were built by Samaritan Purse was destroyed. At Lanyi did the locals resisted and there was heavy fighting but…


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Short report "Lui in November 2013"

Started to write on this short report for some days ago and now, after reading Lilians blog about the violence in and around Lui, this maybe is not much to read…but anyway, here’s my words.

Happy New Year, all friends in Lui network!

Hope this year will be a better one for South Sudan.

Visit in Lui 17 – 28 November 2013.

We five visitors are from Lund diocese and we are all pedagogs. After Bishop Stephen's visit to Lund in 2012, we worked on a project…


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Lui i November

5 swedes visited Lui diocese. Our purpus was to learn more about being a child in South Sudan. We went to Lunjini school, watched a soccergame, visit 2 villages saving&loans group and we also went to Lakamadi, Minga, Lanyi and Kediba. Now we have to start working and make a material for children in Sweden. Thank you for the oppertinity to visit Lui!

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