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New website - We are Children in Lui

Our partners Diocese of Lund created a marvellous website to enable children in Lund to learn about the lives of children in Lui.

They very generously offered to share this work and to host a similar website in English for their partners.  The translation work was done by Lui-traveller Elsa Foisack with a little bit of help from her English friends in Blackmore Vale, whilst Marcel Salinder of the Diocesan staff did a lot of technical work.

So the ‘We are Children in Lui’…


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Aerial campaign over Mundri

Was it me who posted that the situation in Lui was improving?  Just a couple of weeks ago I had an encouraging phone call with Bishop Stephen, but sadly today I had the following reports.

South Sudan News Agency: Juba launches air campaign against rebels in Western Equatoria State

November 25, 2015 - South Sudanese government has launched an aerial campaign on rebel positions in Mundri County of Western Equatoria State, a Spokesperson for the armed…


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Lui - situation maybe improving

I had a very brief chat with Bishop Stephen today.  The situation in Lui is slightly improving, he said, and the latest peace agreement is beginning to have some effect.  He thanked me for our prayers, I know he would want to thank you all.

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Peace Agreement signed - with reservations

President Salva Kiir did sign the agreement but there are allegations from the rebels that Government forces broke the ceasefire in two locations within hours.   Sadly.

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Moru Hymns

I want to share with you an article from the recent edition of Sudan Church Review a twice-yearly UK publication.  I am sorry it's a bit clunky - I could only scan one page at a time.

Sudan Church Review Cover…


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Bishop's New House in Lui


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Hope of Peace for South sudan

The BBC News website - Africa page - reports that Salva Kiir and Riek Machar have signed an agreement in Addis Ababa with  ceasefire that starts today.  We must all pray, and pray, for this to become a real settlement that will relieve the suffering of the South Sudanese people. 

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Peter Bay from Mundri to study in UK

Kagywabali Peter Bay, the…


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Bishop Stephen and Lillian in Lund

Marie Korner has informed us that Bishop Stephen and Lillian arrived in Sweden on 18 August to visit with the Diocese of Lund until 1 September .  They have an intense program including attending the installation  of the new Bishop of Lund, Johan Tyrberg, in Lund Cathedral on 30 August, and also visiting with the Archbishop in Uppsala. …


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An agreement

According to BBC Salva Kiir and Riek Machar signed an agreement in Addis Ababa on Friday: a ceasefire, a new constitution to be drafted and fresh elections.  They are expected to allow humanitarian aid into affected areas.  Let's all pray that this ceasefire will last, unlike the last one.  Thanks USA: the pressure from your government on this has been a very  important factor in getting any kind of agreement.

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Salisbury Diocese launches South Sudan Crisis Appeal

The Diocese of Salisbury in the UK aims to raise £50,000, ($75,000) by Easter 2014 to support the ECSSS in its response to the humanitarian crisis created by the recent fighting I South Sudan.  The money raised will be channeled via SUDRA , the Sudanese Relief & Development…


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Prayer Vigil at Salisbury Saturday 11 January


Yes, we will have a Vigil in Salisbury Cathedral from 10am to 11.30 am on Saturday (that's 4 am St Louis time, 11am Lund time and 1pm Lui time).   I enclose the prayers and subjects for reflection for anyone who would like to use them.

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Thanks for the blog posts

Thank you everyone for your  blog posts.  We have been, and are, hanging on every word.  They are so valuable to us, and we are touched by so much that you say.  Thanks also to Desiree for this wonderful tool of communication.

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A typical day in Lui

As our missioners can’t yet access the internet, perhaps you would be interested in what their a typical day would be like, from my experience.


The day starts at first light which is about 5am. You are woken by the sound of the local people starting their daily tasks – sweeping, preparing a drink or food, the voices of children.  You lie in your mosquito net for a while and listen, then get up to wash and dress, a long process which involves fetching water and going to the…


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Theft from Diocese of Lui's Office

Bishop Stephen just rang from Lui to ask me to pass on to you all the bad news that thieves broke into the Diocesan Office last night, and stole the main computer server, one computer, a laptop with a lot of data on it and two screens.  He hopes to get the IT technician who works for CUAM Doctors with Africa to look at the situation as the stack of equipment (modem etc) in the corner is still there and Stephen's laptop, fortunately not stolen, seems to respond to it, but he can’t connect to…


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Bishop Stephen's last day in UK

this time at least!

We will be taking Stephen to the airport, stopping on the way for him to visit a very dear friend who knows both him and Lillian for many years.


It has been a lovely and, we hope, very fruitful visit.  Stephen has been on the go from morning until night visiting parishes and meeting people. We feel sure this will energise Blackmore Vale Deanery to engage more with our Lui link.    He managed to fit in a brief trip to to coast to see the…


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Bishop Stephen at Salisbury Conference

Thank you so much Beth for adding a link (right hand side of the screen) to the photo of theBlackmore Vale Deanery team with Bishop Stephen taken today at the conference.  From left to right we are:  Jeannie Stevens, Canon David Seymour - Rural Dean of Blackmore Vale, Pauline Batstone, Bishop Stephen, Elsa Foisack - Diocese of Lund, Sweden, Anne Powell, Sue Chandler - Lay Chair of Blackmore Vale Deanery and Mike Powell.


We had an excellent 2 day conference. Elsa Foisack from…


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Photo Gallery - Sudanese Bishops at Salisbury Eucharist

If you have a few minutes there is a nice gallrey of photos, accessible form the Salisbury Diocese home page. showing the opening service of the Sudan celebrations on Sunday morning.

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In memory of Canon Ezra

Canon Ezra Baya Lawiri, translator of the Moru Bible, was honoured in July 2008 with a statue placed on the Great West Front of Salisbury Cathedral amongst  The statue was carved by sculptor Jason Battle.  We took the opportunity to show Bishop Stephen the statue and to photograph him under it…


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Salisbury – Sudans 40 Years

Rt Rev Steven Dokolo, Diocesan Bishop of Lui, was among 10 Sudanese Bishops who, with the Provincial Secretary ,John Agostio, inaugurated the ‘Sudan 40’ celebrations (9-16 June) marking the 40th anniversary of the…


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