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Peace Agreement signed - with reservations

President Salva Kiir did sign the agreement but there are allegations from the rebels that Government forces broke the ceasefire in two locations within hours.   Sadly.

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News from Lui

I wrote to Bishop Stephen and Lillian to tell them about the election of Michael Curry at General Convention and a few bits of news from around Missouri, and today I received a reply from Stephen. He said

  • Lui is calm, but people missed planting season because of the conflict, and they haven't received as much rain as they need, so they're expected poor crop yields and famine this winter.
  • Yesterday was the deadline for signing an agreement at the South Sudan peace…

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Update from Lui

I've been chatting with Lillian on Skype recently. She and Bishop Stephen have returned to Lui. The road to Juba is open, but it's very dangerous. With her permission I'm sharing this news.

Some people have been able to cultivate this summer, but many from Lui, Mundri, and Maridi are leaving the villages and going to settle in refugee camps in Uganda. Parents have not been willing to send their children to school since the outbreak of conflict in Mundri and Maridi some weeks…


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News and an Appeal from Bishop Stephen

Received yesterday from Bishop Stephen, this excerpt from his email posted with his permission:

We are writing to give you some update about the Diocese of Lui. As we have already communicated to you that the people in the Diocese of Lui are living at the moment in fear and because of that they are hiding in the bushes around the diocese but have no food to eat, medicine or clean drinking water.

At the moment this is cultivation…

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More Western Equatoria News

What I've heard today is this: Stores and homes in Mundri have been destroyed and at least several of the main roads that lead to the city have been closed. There was an attack on the Yei road (to Juba, I think, but I'm not sure) yesterday that led to some deaths. Many people are still in the bush. Food in Juba is scarce and extremely expensive. Rumbek is also under threat. 

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Mundri Town Taken by Rebels

Apparently the rebels took Mundri town yesterday, May 22, and killed a top government official. Here's a link to the South Sudan news agency's report: And here's the Sudan Tribune's story, which says the…


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Moru Hymns

I want to share with you an article from the recent edition of Sudan Church Review a twice-yearly UK publication.  I am sorry it's a bit clunky - I could only scan one page at a time.

Sudan Church Review Cover…


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Bishop's New House in Lui


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Hope of Peace for South sudan

The BBC News website - Africa page - reports that Salva Kiir and Riek Machar have signed an agreement in Addis Ababa with  ceasefire that starts today.  We must all pray, and pray, for this to become a real settlement that will relieve the suffering of the South Sudanese people. 

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News from Lui

 Recently I've heard from Lillian Dokolo and she sends her greetings from Lui.  

Lillian wrote that Lui continues to be calm. People are expecting a good harvest as the rainy season comes to an end and the dry season begins.  There are more displaced people who have relocating to Lakamadi Archdeaconry especially in Amadi, Biti, Kulundu, Kozoro and Lakamadi villages.  

This year the Youth Annual Conference was held in Mideh Archdeaconary on October 10, 2014.  An estimated 5,000…


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Advent Meditations from ECSSS Diocese of Wau

Everyone who's interested may already have received this info directly from Dave Lewis, the webmaster for the ECSSS Diocese of Wau. But in case not, the Rev. John Bol has written meditations for each of the 4 weeks of Advent, and you can find them here:

Wau is the diocese whose Lenten program a few of us have joined the past two years. With…


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Not traveling to Lui in 2014

Due to safety concerns a decision was made to not travel to the Diocese of Lui this year.  Our partners from the Diocese of Blackmore Vale in the United Kingdom and the Diocese of Lund in Sweden have decided to postpone traveling to South Sudan also.  We hope to consider a trip in 2015 and hope to send a small group if conditions change.…


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My heart is broken

Oh my God, we have just lost Joy Sister... today in Juba hospital. 

she is our only Tailor and designer for Mother's union in Lui Diocese. 

Unbelievable... my sister rest in peace. 

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Dear Friends,  Greetings to you all in the name of our savior and Lord Jesus christ.  We would like to thank you all for your prayers,  we arrived Lund,  Sweden safely and attended the consecration o…

Dear Friends, 

Greetings to you all in the name of our savior and Lord Jesus christ. 

We would like to thank you all for your prayers,  we arrived Lund,  Sweden safely and attended the consecration of the new bishop for the Diocese of Lund last Sunday and today we had reception worship service at the cathedral in Lund. 

Bishop Stephen and I are about to return back home early next week. 

We appreciate you all.

God bless…


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Peter Bay from Mundri to study in UK

Kagywabali Peter Bay, the…


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Bishop Stephen and Lillian in Lund

Marie Korner has informed us that Bishop Stephen and Lillian arrived in Sweden on 18 August to visit with the Diocese of Lund until 1 September .  They have an intense program including attending the installation  of the new Bishop of Lund, Johan Tyrberg, in Lund Cathedral on 30 August, and also visiting with the Archbishop in Uppsala. …


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Sad news from Mothers’ Union in Lui

This morning I was informed by Lillian Clement that a dear friend Joana had died in her sleep.  Joana apparently did not show any signs of illness and died during the night alone in her family’s compound.  Her family found her dead in her tukel early in the morning. 

I first met Joana in 2011 on my 2nd trip to Lui, South Sudan and again in 2013 when I taught reading and language classes to the Mothers’ Union. 

Joana had very little formal education but worked hard…


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Rainy Season in Lui

I was fortunate to have a brief conversation with Lillian Dokolo this morning via Skype. Bishop Stephen and Lillian are in Kampala, Uganda. They are trying to obtain exit visa’s to attend and participate in the ordination of Johan Tyrberg in Lund, Sweden. They hope to travel to Lund for several weeks in August to support their work in Lui Diocese and partnership.

In other news, life in Lui, South Sudan is busy and peaceful. People are working in their…


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Nuba reports

I heard an interesting interview yesterday on an American media news radio show with the founder of Nuba Reports. They are taking GoPro cameras out and trying to present informed fact minus opinion. Founder said most news in South Sudan is opinion and hard for the people in the country…


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