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A ray of hope in South Sudan

The Sudan Tribune is reporting that IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) has brokered a deal in South Sudan.  The government of Salva Kiir has released two political detainees, and has agreed to power sharing with other factions within the government.  The African Union has released communique that Salva Kiir's government has agreed to an immediate cease fire.  The AU calling on other parties to…


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More on the situation in South Sudan

A map released today (26 December) by the United Nations OCHO (Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) shows violence and displaced persons in the current situation in South Sudan.  So far, according to OCHO, there is no violence in Western Equatoria (the state in which Lui is located).  In all, the UN estimates about 100,000 IDP (internally displaced persons) across South Sudan, about a quarter of them at UN compounds.  But so far, things are quiet for our friends in Lui.

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Taliatokpe on Earth by Deborah Goldfeder

Deb writes a monthly series "Stories from the Good Road" for the Scroll (newsletter of the Episcopal Church of the Advent, Crestwood), and this is the entry for January 2014.


I had begun to hope that there would be a lasting peace in South Sudan but now I am not so sure. Events happening as I write this frighten me and take me back to my first months in Lui  when peace was a fragile dream for those exhausted by war, first with the north and then with  the Dinka…


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News of the conflict in South Sudan

On Saturday, December 21, 2013, the Diocese of Missouri received a short email from Bishop Stephen Dokolo of the Lui Diocese, begging our prayers. He reported that the situation in South Sudan has become unstable, and that people in Lui had heard gunshots. The news from South Sudan has been showing up in US news for several days now.

Over the past few days, I have been reading with some anxiety of renewed violence in South Sudan. Earlier in the week (December 15), there were…


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Sudan strife: tribal or political?

I wonder what you all think of this story from the Anglican Communion News Service, urging us to see this not as tribal strife, but "merely" political?

Knowing of past conflict in Lui (between the Moru and Dinka), I'm inclined to believe it's tribal. 



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Response to Bisop Stephen's message

Greetings to you and our brothers and sisters in Lui. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to you also in celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have been following the tragic news of the unrest in Juba and the deaths of your countrymen. We in our whole church community will be praying for peace in South Sudan. Carl & Cynthia Rapp

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Message from Bishop Stephen

Here is a message received on December 19 from Bishop Stephen to the Office of the Bishop.  Please continue to keep the people in Lui  and the county of South Sudan in your daily prayers. 

“We are thankful to you for keeping us continuously in your prayers, we need your prayers and we need it always because Christmas is at the door but our country is going through difficult time especially those who are in Juba and other places where there is gun shoots.

We need…


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The Episcopal Church of Sudan changes their name

The Provincial Standing Committee of the ECS recently met in Bor, Jonglei State on November 27- 30, 2013.  The meeting was comprised of bishops, clergy and lay leaders from ECS  from Sudan and South Sudan.  A major name change was made at the Province meeting to the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan ( ECSSS). 

In the report the committee continues to appeal for emergency assistance from international agencies and applaud the work of the Government of…


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Lui i November

5 swedes visited Lui diocese. Our purpus was to learn more about being a child in South Sudan. We went to Lunjini school, watched a soccergame, visit 2 villages saving&loans group and we also went to Lakamadi, Minga, Lanyi and Kediba. Now we have to start working and make a material for children in Sweden. Thank you for the oppertinity to visit Lui!

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