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Christ Be Our Light

I have struggled over the past 10 days to comprehend my experiences in Lui as well as the horrific school shootings in Connecticut. So much of it all hits my heart as a mother:

  • The day we learned that only about 1/3 of the children at a health program had their own drinking cup. The rest share one for the whole family, putting them at increased risk of nodding disease.
  • The visit to the pediatric unit at Lui hospital. Each of my three children has been admitted to a US…

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Christmas Message from Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul

Larry Duffee, the Episcopal Church missionary serving in Juba, South Sudan, sent out the 2012 Christmas message of the Most Reverend Dr. Daniel Deng Bul, Archbishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, this morning and asked that it be shared as widely as possible. I'm posting it here as three attachments, the way Larry sent it. If someone can figure out how to post it in a better, more easily readable way here, please feel free. 

Here's a quick summary: The archbishop cites…


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Christmas Greetings from the Diocese of Lui.

Christmas Greetings to you all in the Name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

we are very happy to hear that you have reached safely to your various

countries thanks be to God.

l too arrived Kampala safely but l became sick suffering from pain in my throat and the root cause is not yet known.lam still undergoing treatment.l need your prayers.

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reflections 2

I had what for me was a interesting experience on Wednesday.  I needed to go to Cape Girardeau.  I should have known, but did not realize that the distance from my office to Christ Church, Cape was almost exactly the same distance as from Lui to the Guesthouse in Juba.  My recent trip to Juba and back took three days, 12 hours of driving.  In contrast, I left after lunch to go to Cape, had a 1 1/2 hour meeting and came home for dinner, all in about 5 hours. 

It is just one example of…


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Advent Candles at Mappowder Church

When we were in Lui Chris produced her own small Advent Candle ring which she had brought specially from Missouri, and which we lit during Compline.   This was the Mappowder version this morning.   For those who do not know about this custom of Advent, or who have forgotten - the first candle lit on…


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Sunday Service at St. Peter and St. Paul, Mappowder - 16th Dec. 2012.

Revd. David Dunning wearing his the Lui Stole which he has just been given at the Mappowder 9.00 a.m. service.   As well as expressing his thanks to the Lui Mothers Union who made the stole which I gave him, David, aided by Deacon Victoria Ayres,  led prayers for the people of Lui and for closer working…


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Home from Lui

The adjustment to life back in the states was eased a little by our stop in Kampala.  At the guest house we all marveled at the running water and hot showers, flush toilets, and even fans in each room!  The food was lovely, and most memorable were the harrowing car rides through the tangled streets, fighting for every inch of pavement with the other cars, motorbikes, and bicycles with not one traffic light or stop sign.

Although a day and a half have passed, I am still waking and…


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Jeannie's prayer for unity between Blackmore Vale Deanery and the Diocese of Lui

Before we left Lui, Jeannie composed the following short prayer in the hope we could use it in the churches of the Blackmore Vale Deanery - I have already send a copy to our Rural Dean with that request - 

“Our Lord Jesus Christ, unite your people in Blackmore Vale with your people in Lui Diocese.  

Work through and with us to make your kingdom come on earth.  

All power comes from you.  

Please help us to use that power to your praise and…


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Safe and Sound

The missioners have safely landed and are on their way home from the Lambert St.Louis Airport. They are all very tired and have been traveling almost 26 hours with lay overs at various airports since leaving Kampala, Uganda on Wednesday at 11:30 P.M.

A group of past missioners, friends and spouses were at the airport to greet returnees along with some extra clothes for added warmth.

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touch-down in StL

Maria has posted that our folks have landed in St. Louis and had a nice group to welcome them home.  

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Back on U.S. soil

According to Facebook posts from Christina and Maria, they're in Detroit and have cleared customs.  One more leg in this long trek homeward. 

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Jeannie is fine

Just to let her friends know that after a good rest at her friend's house in London, Jeannie travelled home today.  She's pretty sure she just has a cold virus and there is no need to worry about her.  Ever-active, she has friends visiting with her at her home for the next few days. We are looking forward to meeting with her and hearing more about the trip to Lui.

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Halfway Home

We are waiting to board in Amsterdam for the flight to Detroit. Everyone is still in good spirits, and several of us got some sleep on the flight from Kampala to Amsterdam.

We did have a bit of a close call making it to Entebbe on time but all's well that ends well.

One thing I will say about Kampala is this: Three million people, no traffic lights. As I said on my Facebook page, "you ain't lived till you've been in a traffic jam in Kampala." Evidently it's not an unusual… Continue

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The Brits are back

After leaving Entebbe an hour and a half late so one 2.00 a.m. Jeanie was very poorly on the journey, with what seemed to be a streaming cold, being very feverish and feeling "weird". For her it was a nightmare journey. I took her through Heathrow in a wheelchair I hijacked. We went from temperature of 104 at the Mundri airstrip to minus 3 I believe at Heathrow and 1 degree here on my return this afternoon. We got back to Jeannie's friend's house in Hayes, nearby, and I packed her off to bed… Continue

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Some are probably home, some are almost home

By now, our Swedish missioners Anders and Marie should be home and our British friends Pauline and Jeannie should be getting closer to Heathrow. Prayers for their safe return.

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safely in Kampala

I see from Chris and Maria's Facebook status updates that the group has made it safely to Kampala.  Thanks be to God! 

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Today begins our trek home

As we prepare to leave for home, my mind is a blur, but the phrase that comes to mind is "the peace which passes all understanding." Honestly, until this trip, it was just a phrase. One part of me wants to feel the impact of our trip--as Dan said in an earlier post, we truly have made a "dent" in some places--but the sheer poverty of this place, the nodding disease, the river blindness, the scarcity of basics will still be there. Yet, as Chris said in her previous post, there is joy--sheer… Continue

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Waiting to leave

As I write this Chris, Maria, Dan and I are waiting with Stephen for our transport to take us to the airstrip. We only have the use of one vehicle as the diocesakn Land Cruiser alias yet to return from taking our Swedish colleagues to catch their plane in Juba and Lilian to catch a bus to go to join the children in Kampala for Christmas. So the hospital has supplied one vehicle which is having to do two runs and we are cutting it remarkably fine to get to the airstrip in time. Bishop Stephen… Continue

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