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Prayer Vigil at Christ Church Cathedral during the referendum


Prayer Service at Christ Church Cathedral, 1210 Locust, St. Louis, Missouri.

6 -7 PM on  Saturday, January 8, 2011.

Christ Church Cathedral and the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri will host a prayer service for peace in Sudan in the time of the referendum. The voting in Sudan is scheduled to begin on January 9. (Sudan is 9 hours ahead of Missouri time.) Contact Mike Kinman, Provost of Christ Church Cathedral, for more information.…


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Reflections on the Burial, from Sudan

Marie sent me these words from Wilson Apollo in Khartoum:


I came back from Lui Saturday evening after attending the burial of late Rt. Rev. Bullen. Many mourners from all walks of life also attended the funeral including the governor of Western Equatoria State and some of his ministers and also representative of GOSS.…


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Sad Journey Home

Here's Robin's follow-up on what she told me yesterday:


Bishop Bullen's body is now on the way to Lui, by car, they will arrive this evening, and the funeral will be in the morning. There was a large crowd to receive his body from the plane this morning, and a convoy as he was transported to Juba All Saints' Cathedral for prayers.


Thanks to Robin for helping us stay in the loop. I know the Lui Network Mission Partners are grieving with their Moru…


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Some Funeral Details

Robin Denney, TEC's agricultural missionary to the Episcopal Church of Sudan, emailed me this morning and mentioned what she has heard about Bishop Bullen's funeral:


His body will be flown to Juba tomorrow morning, there will be prayers at the cathedral, and then his body will be taken on to Lui for the funeral this weekend.

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Bishop Bullen, R.I.P.

I am deeply grateful to Debra for keeping us all informed. Thank you, Debra!

When I logged on last night, I was shocked -- though not surprised -- and grieved to learn that Bishop Bullen had died. It has taken me a while to process his death. I have now processed my reflections and offer them here at LuiNotes.

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More About Things in Lui Diocese

After Stephen let me know that Bishop Bullen died this morning, I asked if he knew anything about the burial and funeral yet. Here is his response:

Bishop Bullen will be buried at the ground of Fraser Memorial Cathedral next to the first Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Lui, Bishop Ephraim A. Natana. The funeral will take place soon after the burial.

Our friends in the Diocese of Chicago, in a companion relationship with Renk in Sudan, have sent their…


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Rest in Peace...

Our Swedish friend Marie just wrote me that Apollo called her "this morning" (12/11) to let her know that Bishop Bullen died at about 4:00 a.m. I haven't gotten confirmation from Stephen yet.

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What happens when a bishop in the Episcopal Church of Sudan is very ill?

I asked Stephen this delicate question. He very kindly explained that in the case of a debilitating long-term illness, the archbishop will examine the situation and may declare the seat of the Bishop to be vacant. Then he appoints a caretaker and starts the process to elect a new Bishop. A nominating meeting is convened in the diocese and three pastors are nominated. A province-wide convention elects the new Bishop.

It's looking like Bishop Bullen will be flown back to Lui on MAF… Continue

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The Plan as I Know It for Now

I'm in touch with Stephen and MAF Kenya. Of course we are very happy to be dealing with MAF since they are faithful friends in transporting our mission teams from Kampala to Mundri. The current plan is for Bishop Bullen, Vasco, Lona (the bishop's wife), the baby, and Tabitha (the bishop's niece) to be flown from Nairobi to Mundri by MAF Kenya on Monday, December 13th. I didn't realize until yesterday that the Moru community in Juba had raised the funds to transport Bishop Bullen's family to… Continue

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A Decision about Bishop Bullen's Care

Bishop Bullen's family has decided to have the Bishop transported back to Lui Hospital. He has hardly improved at all in the ICU in Nairobi. They plan to ask MAF Kenya to take him since he is unable to sit up. Stephen says that Vasco reports Bishop Bullen is able to open his eyes and is trying to move his hands. That's it. Please continue to pray for Bishop Bullen and his family.

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Where do Lui donations go?

When individuals or congregations think about giving money to support the Diocese of Lui, they often wonder what assurance they can have that their money is going to do what they intend, or if they give a donation to the general fund, what that means in reality. Here's a primer on how the Diocese of Missouri handles the money donated for Lui:

First, if the donor specifies a use, that's what the Diocese of Missouri forwards it to Lui to do. For tangible projects like…

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A Change in Level of Care

Here's what I got from Stephen at about 7 this morning:

I communicated with Vasco through cell phone, according to the information I got from

him few minutes ago is that Bishop Bullen has been transferred from Intensive Care Unit

to High Dependency Unit at the same hospital. According to the Doctors they will keep

him there for 24 hours before bring him to the normal…

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Bishop Bullen Not Improving

Stephen wrote today apologizing for not getting an update to us in several days. He has been busy with Bishop Bullen's family in discussions about the bishop's situation, which is unchanged. He remains in ICU in Nairobi. Stephen thought he might have more of an update tomorrow.

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A Season of Prayer for Sudan, Friday Vigils begin today, 11 AM central time

Meditation I (doc file, included below)

A Season of Prayer for Sudan

For my brethren and companions' sake,

I pray for your prosperity.

Psalm 122:8

In this season of Advent, as we await the coming of the Prince of Peace, we join our voices in prayer with the people of Sudan… Continue

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