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No Good News

Bishop Bullen is still in ICU in Nairobi. He can't move or talk. Last night he was given blood. That's today's update from Stephen. Please continue to pray for Bishop Bullen, his family, and the people of his diocese. (Stephen Dokolo has canceled his plans to travel to see his family in Kampala because of the bishop's illness.)

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Politics in Moruland

There's a little news story about the three "greater Mundri" counties -- East and West Mundri and Mvolo -- here:

There's nothing too earthshattering in the story, but the referendum registration news seems more interesting when it's about places and people we know.

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Today's Update on Bishop Bullen

Here's the latest from Stephen:

I am writing to give you some updates about Bishop Bullen Dolli.

I telephone Vasco this evening and he said Bishop Bullen is still

in intensive care unit at Nairobi Hospital.

He said Bishop Bullen was able to open his eyes this afternoon but was unable

to talk.

Please let us continue to pray for him and his…

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Bad News

Today Stephen wrote me that Bishop Bullen is doing very badly and in fact is in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Nairobi. Then Rebecca Coleman, the missionary from the Diocese of Salisbury who is working with Archbishop Daniel in Juba, wrote that Bishop Bullen's diagnosis is confirmed as cancer and he's expected to be returned to Juba, perhaps tomorrow. More as I receive it.

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Bishop Bullen Improving

Stephen wrote today that Bishop Bullen is recovering from his surgery in Nairobi; he even sat up and took some tea. God is good...

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Missouri Episcopalians join Prayers for Peace in Sudan

Beginning the first Friday in Advent, weekly prayer vigils for Sudan will be held in preparation for the January general referendum. At the United Nations Chapel in New York City, the Episcopal Church will lead Prayers for Peace in Sudan on Advent Fridays at noon (Eastern time). Let's join them as we can at 11 AM Missouri time. The vigils begin December 3 and continue through Dec. 31st.

Last month Presiding Bishop Katharine invited us to A Season of Prayer for Sudan (… Continue

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Surgery in Nairobi

Here's what I got from Stephen about 6:00 this morning, Tuesday 23 November:

I am writing to give you some update about Bishop Bullen.

He is still admitted at Nairobi Hospital and was operated today.

I talked with Vasco few minutes ago that Bishop Bullen is still

sleeping since he was brought out from the operation room.

We will call Nairobi again…

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Monday's Status Update re Bishop Bullen

Bishop Bullen was flown to Nairobi, accompanied by Vasco, on Saturday. He was to have had surgery yesterday, but Stephen wrote me this morning that the doctors are still examining him and deliberating, so for now surgery has been put off.

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The Latest About Bishop Bullen

Bishop Bullen, accompanied by Vasco Tadu, is leaving Juba for a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, tomorrow on a morning flight. Please pray for their safe travels as well as Bishop Bullen's health.

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The Diocese of Missouri has been holding the funds raised by "Biking for Bikes" at Trinity St. Charles, along with other contributions from bikes, including some from Trinity Central West End and one from St. Peter's Ladue for the dean, for some time. (Sorry if there are other donors that I don't know -- please feel free to add in comments!)


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Update on Bishop Bullen

Stephen wrote me that he called Juba this afternoon to check on the bishop. Bishop Bullen is in the hospital there, but Stephen says that the doctors are recommending he be transferred to Nairobi. Please continue to pray for Bishop Bullen Dolli.

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News about Bishop Bullen

Stephen Dokolo just emailed to tell me that Bishop Bullen was rushed to Juba at 5:00 this morning because he was feeling so bad. Darius drove the bishop, his wife, and Gordon, the diocesan administrator, who generally is the staff member who travels with the bishop. Earlier today Stephen had told me that the bishop was still at the doctor's house at the hospital but that everyone was hoping he'd be discharged tomorrow. Stephen promises to keep us updated. Please pray for Bishop Bullen.

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Church partners meet in Sudan to discuss post-referendum scenarios, long-term development-ENS article

...Debra Morris Smith, an American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan board member from the Diocese of Missouri, told ENS: "I'm not sure what resources…


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Anne Powell recaps workshops, Bishop Bullen's health, and the political situation before referendum

Part of today's posting from Anne Powell. Full post at Okeford Benefice site:

...The news in Sudan is not good. The referendum will be on 9 January. There are 800,000 Southern Sudanese living in the north, plus the

Christian populations who are actually northerners. The Northern

government has already said that if the South secedes they will… Continue

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All 8 missioners back in Kampala, before continuing on to home-from Debbie Smith

Back in Kampala

All 8 missioners are safely back at the MAF guesthouse. Three are visiting the craft market, two are sleeping, one is reading, and two of us are online. After dinner we will debrief then share eucharist, after

which the Americans head to the airport for the first of three legs

home. The…


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Last Day updates from Shirley, Anne, and Jeannie before heading back to the UK

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello from Lui

First of all many apologies that we have not been able to give you

updates of what has been happening here. The internet/ computers have

been giving some problems so that has interfered with Anne's computer

training but she is working very hard to… Continue

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Updates from Debbie in Lui: Computers still not online

"If you aren't getting email from your family it's because all but one of the computers is having connection problems."

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Video: Presiding Bishop Katharine on upcoming referendum in Sudan

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori

discusses Sudan’s January referendum in new video…


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New Blog from Shirley, Jeannie, and Anne

Monday's post about interactive Sunday School, and Mothers Union and Pastors conference.

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