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30 lbs....

That's the total weight allowed for our baggage when we leave Kampala on the MAF plane on the last leg of our upcoming trip.

These last few days I have found myself scrutinizing everything I've considered bringing next month.  It reminds me of going to a salad bar where everything has to be weighed.  I admit I've chosen foods on the salad bar based on what they weigh (my friends will tell you I am a bit on the cheap side.)

But I keep looking in my closet and…


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Getting ready to go...

Well, we were challenged to write about what it’s like to prepare to go to Lui. I can’t say what it’s like for other members of the team, but I’ll share a bit about what it’s like on my end.

  • It’s planning all of our Advent and Christmas services in the middle of October – not my usual routine.
  • It’s typing cards with pictures and color coding, and attaching them to the laundry sorter to teach kids how to sort laundry and set the washing machine for each load of…

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Blackmore Vale preparations for the next trip

Jeannie and I are steadily getting our act together here, with Jeannie's garage and spare bedroom steadily filling with duplo leggo, plastic balls, pencils and all the educational toys she considers useful and transportable to Lui.

And whereas most ladies prepare for holiday trips by maybe getting beauty treatments and having their nails done, Jeannie has gone one step further, well two steps, and has had both her feet operated on so she will be gliding painlessly around, no doubt in the…


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Blest Be the Tie

"Blest be the tie that binds, our hearts in Christian love..."

The opening words to the hymn we sang at most Communion services as I was growing up seem a fitting way to frame preparations to travel to Lui. In the chaos of fundraising, vaccinations and family preparations for me to leave three young children for 2 ½ weeks during Advent, the ties of Christian love have shown themselves time and time again.

Those ties connect hearts around the globe, even hearts of some we have…


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Companion Diocese Committe Meeting are open to all


Our next Companion Diocese Committee meeting will be on Saturday, November 3rd at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The  church is located at 6518 Michigan Ave. St.Louis, MO 63111.  We will begin at noon and end at 1:30 PM.   I want to extend an open invitation to anyone  who has an interest in Lui.  

It should be a busy afternoon because we will be running two meetings at St.…


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Almost on the way

The team from the Diocese of Missouri together with the two partners from Blackmore Vale by way of Skype had their first team meeting on Saturday. I have to say it was an exciting three hours. The team has already come together in a remarkable kind of way. They are excited about the upcoming trip. And, I can also tell you that we are going to be joined by two partners from the Diocese of Lund in Sweden, Marie and Anders. It keeps getting better and better.

The team members teaching…


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The Moru Prayer Book Online

Hat tip to Maria Evans for this: You can download the Moru prayer book from here -- http://mammana.org/bcp/moru/ If you are going to Lui, you could put it on your smartphone or tablet and follow along with the liturgy.

So cool! Mamatu!!

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Pumped, Awed, and Just a Tad Overwhelmed

I had been sort of hoping some of the other missioners on this trip would post first, but since no one has, I guess I'll just jump in.

I'm Maria Evans, the medical officer for this trip, from Trinity-Kirksville.  Honestly, I'm still pinching myself that this is really happening.  When I thought even taking off the time to make this mission trip was impossible, my practice associates came through without a hitch.  I was making excuses about why I probably couldn't go and God…


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