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It's Complicated...

I have a drawing by Sandra Boynton of a cow stuck with its front legs on one side of a crescent moon and its back legs on the other side. The caption is "Nothing is ever simple." That image pretty much sums up the joys of getting a US visa for citizens of South Sudan these days.


We are trying to bring Bishop Stephen and his wife Lillian to Missouri's diocesan convention. They are savvy international travelers, and Stephen has traveled to the US at least twice before. But…


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ECS visitors to the UK

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul Yak, Bishop Ezekiel Kondo and Larry Dufee were due in the UK this weekend to attend the enthronement today of our new Bishop Nicholas (Holtam) of Salisbury.  Mike and I were invited to Salisbury yesterday to join a group meeting with them, but Archbishop Daniel had to cancel his travel as the President of Sudan had urgently asked him to undertake a mission, due to his high reputation for independence and trustworthiness.  Bishop Ezekiel and Larry did meet with us…


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Bishop Stephen's Report from the Standing Committee Meeting in the Diocese of Lui

Bishop Stephen Dokolo sent us the following report of the actions of the Lui Standing Committee. It includes a comprehensive list of diocesan and archdeaconry appointments. 



Greetings to you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We hope that you are all fine and doing well.


I am writing to give you some updates from the Diocese of Lui.

We had Diocese of Lui Standing Committee meeting between October 6th and 7th, 2011 and this…


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Ongoing projects Diocese of Lund

Greetings from Lund.

Regarding the financial assistance to Lui we have a couple of big undertakings ahead of us.

Recently in our International Strategic group we granted the application for a new Diocese car for Lui. It was mentioned as the top priority in the Diocese offering for Lui that takes place once a year. Unfortunately the offering didn´t amount to what we hoped for but we will solve this one way or the other.

Secondly we also agreed to give financial assistance…


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Blackmore Vale Deanery - next steps

Parishes in Blackmore Vale have been concentrating their efforts to support Lui Diocese on fundraising for more transport (bicycles and motorbikes).  During out last visit to Lui the need for more transport emerged clearly as a priority for the Diocese.  We know that Missouri has already contributed enormously towards for bicycles and that Lund has plans to help further with transport, but we believe our contribution can also be useful.


The Deanery's recent Synod meeting…


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Safely Home

We arrived early afternoon on Friday and did fairly little other than sort our mail and call our families.  It was nice hearing their voices and sleeping in our own bed. Morning came fairly early for both of us. Got up around 3:00 AM and decided to start doing some laundry. I am trying to get some of the red dirt out of our luggage and shoes Funny how our bodies take some time to adjust to the different time changes we've traveled through and I'm cold!  

We went through customs minus…


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