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The Finished Roof!!

Lillian just sent me two photos of the chapel with the roof finished. As far as I can tell, the ridge cap is indeed done. I know that when we were waiting to leave for the airfield, the carpentry team was already at work on it. Sadly, Lillian also told me that Friday night the Lui Girls Secondary School had a break-in and lost quite a lot of things.…


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The last full day in Lui, this past Wednesday, I wrote and thought I had posted a long thing called "Last Things." I guess I logged off before it actually posted. I wrote about the peculiar rhythm of last days in Lui, when we strike a precarious balance between rushing around to get things done that we'd been meaning to do or that had to wait till the end and waiting for other people to show up or do things and for tomorrow to come. 

While Rick, Erik, and Ev were frantically…


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Thank you Cheryl ....

What a blessing it is to see this with its roof on, finally.   Like with everything on this project it has taken so much longer than we first expected, but then most things in South Sudan do.  But a part of the blessing is that so many people have touched this project and made it happen.   It started with a dream between Cheryl and Bishop Bullen who got me involved .... and then on  .... and on ... and on.  Now this House of God for the school, is blessed by every hand and every heart in…


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Cheryl, it's a roof

Sorry Cheryl seemed a good title. Yesterday at about 6:30 pm the last piece of the metal sheeting went on the roof. The guys will finish some caps and ridge line over the next two days. We have left money for their meals and water for two more days. The round end was difficult with all the angles. Rick danced in circles while the men clapped out a beat. Catching a plane in a couple of hours for the journey home.

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Favorite pictures

I have been looking at some of the many pictures I took while we were in Lui.  The pictures bring the moments back to life in a powerful way.  What a blessing to have experienced all of this.…


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Saying Good-bye to Lui

Yesterday, some friends visited the compound to say good-bye. First we saw Russol, Veronica and Joy. Then Racohl Darius brought over some gourds and a basket as a farewell gift. O'Tim came by after work and helped put rubber washers on nails. He stayed to talk for an hour and told us about traveling to villages on his motorbike giving out meds for children under 5. O'Tim works for an NGO from Canada called PSI (Population Services International) that help treat children with malaria, diarrhea… Continue

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Hi from Lui

Hi everybody !

Time flies fast....... During the night it has been raining so the air is clean and fresh.

Eric and Rick and " their boys" are working very hard on the roof at the chapel. The problem is the ventilation.

I went with Lilian to the VSL-group, the one at the market. That is the second one in Lui. It lasted for almost 3 hours. After lunch we went to Bodji to visit the adult education. Bishop Stephen drove the car. It took one hour to get there and…


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Around the compound

I took some pictures of work around the compound. Eva did first aid on Charles's finger and I helped without getting queezy. Now the final wash has been completed by Maura and Ruthie. Now they are getting ready to go to the market for food. Ruthie enjoyed putting a scarf around my head just like a Moru woman.

As I was showing them my pictures they stopped at a picture of Annette. Both of them said her name with much affection and January our guard is back cutting grass and tending his… Continue

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Good morning America how are you

Good morning to Sweden Nd Blackmore Vale as well. Somehow Arlo is in my head this morning. It is bright and sunny, but so far not hot. First time ever in Lui that I spend the nights under a sheet. I know, too much information.

This trip I have stayed mostly silent as the rest of the group has taken to the blog. We are all doing well. A little stomach stuff here a few scrapes and bruises there. Martha from team one will be glad to know that Ewa and I have made a good team with the… Continue

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OSHA, phone home

Ev and I spent the morning down at the job site pushing a funky sort of big-headed roofing nails into plastic or rubber caps. Dan came along and helped too after he got Ewa set for the morning. (She blogged and then had an opportunity to do some work with women on reproductive health, I think.) When we ran out of caps, Rick had us count the capped nails and then asked me to do the math on nails per metal sheet and sheets per chapel side or triangle. After stepping it off and calculating rather… Continue

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Monday morning in Lui

Hay again!

I've to continue my telling of our staying here in Lui.

Saturday morning Rick and Eric maintained the leaking roof at the school in Luinjini. It was cloudy all morning, so it was not so hot. The school was built by the Diocese of Lund in 2009.

So what I have done: I have been visiting the hospital, I have talked to Hanna, the midwife. I have helped both Evelyn and Debbie in their English classes. (Can you imagine!) I have interviewed Lillian and Helen about the VSL…


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Our stay in Lui

May I introduce me and my husband. My husbands name is Eric(Nils-Eric) and may name is Eva. We are from the diocese of Lund,but we are living in the parish of Landskrona on the island of Ven.

My husband and I have been retired for some years. Eric has been a carpenter and even for many years a leader of the staff and the big plant which are recycling lead.I have been a midwife for 30 years mostly I have taken care of the women during their pregnancy and also family planing. I am also a… Continue

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Off to Lui Parish or Emmanuel

Lui Parish(just been named Emmanuel Parish)is only about a mile and a half from Fraser Cathedral. Darius drove Rick, Isaac,Dan(preached) and me very carefully down the road. Debbie,Ewa,and Erick went to Fraser Cathedral.

We were greeted by several clergy including Rev. Alex who is assistant pastor and also headmaster at Lunjuni School.

Before the service started, Isaac carefully walked Rick and me around Lui Parish telling us about the growing vegetation around the church and all the… Continue

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