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Dates for next trip?

Can someone give me the dates for the next mission trip?  I'm working on an article for my parish newsletter. 

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November Mission Trip

Hello all,


The team heading to Lui has now been finalized. The team will consist of Carl and Cynthia Rapp from Emmanuel, Webster Grove; Gary Johnson of Christ Church Cathedral; Maria Evans of Trinity, Kirksville; Chris Cobb of St. Matthews, Mexico; Jeannie Stevens and Pauline Batstone of Blackmore Vale and myself.  As the team is finalized so too the tasks for the trip have also been solidified.  Gary and Carl will work with basic carpentry skills and perhaps some masonary…


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Administrators and MOderators! LuiNetwork Administrativa

I've changed the administration categories a bit, and offer belated apologies to all of you who have been receiving notices!

Here's the new permissions schema:

  1. This is a blog that can be read by the public, no need to sign in or be a member.
  2. If you want to post, you need to become a member and sign in.
  3. An Administrator must approve your membership.
  4. I've lifted the moderation for members to post--in the years we've been online, there…

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To be Continued...

The Companion Diocese Committee has been busy fundraising during the last several months.  Some committee members have traveled to different congregations to share and sell Lui baskets and note cards. The baskets were made from the Mothers’ Union and purchased from a previous trip to Lui. The lovely note cards are drawings made by the children's art project mission trip in 2009. …


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+ Stephen and Lillian visit to Lund

Dear Luifriends,

For nearly two weeks now Bishop Stephen and his wife have visited us and taken part in many activities. Last weekend 7 -9th of September Church of Sweden had a big conference or actually a celebration "Världens fest" in Malmoe with 3500 participants. This was focused around the international work in Church of Sweden and cooperation with churches and aidorganisations in many different countries.During this we had a seminar - "South Sudan- a new beginning" and Bishop…


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