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Home again, home again

Word this afternoon that Ev and Dan arrived safely in St. Louis. TBTG.

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Under the Mango Tree

My class with the women came to a close today. This week we met outside under the mango tree and we wrote a paragraph together.  It was was amazing to me that when I repeated some of the words I was writing I heard voices near me spelling out the words I was saying.  What a great accomplishment for them.  Several weeks ago this would have been a foreign idea to say the least. My prayer is that they will continue reading and writing together long after I am gone. 

Today, as we met I…


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Signing Off

Well it is 11:30am on Wednesday, September 28.  I have a final wrap up meeting with Stephen, Vasco and Gordon at 2:00.  We have a tea party at 4:00.  After that for all practical purposes a month in Lui will have ended.  An initial reflection is that we have been here a short time and a long time, which may make it the right amount of time.

Evelyn will post later today, but I will say that her time teaching here has been very special.  Particularly with the women she has worked with. …


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REPOST: Dan Smith's Thank-you's from Lui

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Evelyn and I were sharing with one another last night our reflections of our three weeks in Lui.  As an aside it is amazing that when you get a week…


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Week number three of teaching

I returned to my teaching responsibilities on Wednesday after we returned from Juba. I met with the women who I had during the first week of teaching. They were delighted to see me again and expressed their gratitude with a gift of a basket made from the palms of a coconut tree and lots of songs and prayers. We are a joyful group.They take my breath away with their kindness.

We begin each  morning with a grammar lesson, then in the afternoon we'll continue working on the vocabulary…


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A Thankyou from Lui

Evelyn and I were sharing with one another last night our reflections of our three weeks in Lui.  As an aside it is amazing that when you get a week away from going traveling anywhere how your thoughts start turning to where you are going.  Back to our thoughts from last night. 


A big part of what Evelyn and I shared last night was the evidence we see from previous trips.  A part comes from those we are asked about.  I know that I will leave some names out, but we were…


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A Trip to Juba

I don't know how many of the visitors from the three partners have traveled from Lui to Juba, but it is an experience. 

One hundred or so miles of road that leaves you searching for aspirin, a chiropractor and an Orthopedic surgeon to work on your back.  And then there is the assault to the senses that comes from having spent almost three weeks in Lui.  Juba is like going into an anthill.  Movement everywhere, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bikes, walkers. street vendors, good…


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A Very Busy Saturday

I completed my second week of classes at Frasier Cathedral.  This week consisted of youth participants pastors and members of the Mother's Union as well as other leaders from within the diocese who had an interest in improving their English reading and writing skills.  I had 34 students. 

On Friday I gave a written exam and was extremely pleased with the results. I had 7 students who scored 70% or better and 5 students who scored above 90%. The test did not reflect their participation…


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People in our Compound

We are staying in a compound once owned by Samaritan's Purse.  Now it is a part of Lui Hospital.  Dan and I have made some friends that I would like to tell you about.

Dr Alfred works at the hospital and is from Juba and has been in Lui for over a year.  Dr. Alfred misses his wife who comes up occasionally.  It takes her a day on the bus to see her husband.  Dr. Alfred has a pet monkey that likes to escape from its tree and the children from the next compound seem to find him and…


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A Story from S. Sudan

One of the things we are working on is to use the grant to Lui from "Mile of Pennies."  I think I have the name right.  As we understand the grant it was to help provide books in English for children.  Some books have been bought that help teach English, but Evelyn and I have said that the spirit behind the grant is books for children to read.  Storybooks.  We have been told that there are very few of those to be found in South Sudan.


And yet stories abound that would make…


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Another Day in Africa

It was one of those days where what went right, went right and what did not, really did not and then there is the fact that it is always a little different here.


Evelyn started her day by noticing that there was a swarm of what looked like termites in our window inside our room.  I mean a swarm.  The queen must have been in there because the swarm was about 12 inches by 12 inches and 3 or 4 inches deep, a mass of squirming, winged bugs.  Evelyn called for Josephine who cooks…


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Second week of classes

This is my second week of classes at Frasier Cathedral in Lui.  I have 34 new students in the intermediate class of English learners. Along with sharing my goals for this week I had the students tell me a little about themselves.  I particularly wanted to know what they wanted to learn and also how much education they have received.   I was not surprised to learn that some students have only a primary education some as little as grade 3 or hardly any schooling what so ever. I also have…


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Day 12

Sounds like we are counting the days, but that is not really the case.  It is just easy to keep track when you arrived on the first.

We had a great visit to Buagyi Archdeaconry yesterday.  We left Lui at 9:00am and arrived about 10:15.  We walked the last couple of hundred meters with flags, song, flower waving.  I remember that from my first trip and that it seemed to be about the visitors from Missouri.  Well, yesterday it very much seemed like it was for Bishop Stephen.  The…


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random thoghts from Lui

Rain:  It has rained four or five days of the 10 we have been here.  When it rains it really rains.  You could stay drier under a waterfall and no easing into the rain.  It hits like a wall of water.

Peanut Butter: A year ago almost as a joke Evelyn and I sent peanut butter on a trip, mostly for our friend Anne to remind her of her trip to St. Louis.  Everybody loved having it.  So we brought some this time.  For a month we thought a big jar.  We bought one that was 2.5 pounds.  Well…


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First week of classes is almost finished

This has been a very busy week. I work with anywhere from 15 to 18 women who are thrilled to be reading and writing English. Today we continued using the Bible to learn new vocabulary and concentrated on learning suffixes and prefixes from the reading. Of course some words had both a prefix and suffix.

I am always surprised how hard the woman work.  When I arrived at Fraiser Cathedral this morning some of the ladies were busy picking weeds and hacking at the grass(cutting the grass)…


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update from Lui

Hello to all,

I know that our blogs may seem infrequent.  There is still no internet access at the Diocesan Offices in Lui. It has been out for more than three weeks.  I have checked everything I know to check, but that is not enough.  Someone is supposed to come from Juba, yesterday, today, next week; reminds me of a Jimmy Buffett song.  We are greatful to Doctors with Africa, a group from Italy for allowing me some time on the computer.  Still l I know that I am in the way when I am…


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update from Lui

Hello to all our friends,

I am still working with a computer that has Italian prompts so please excuse any strange mistakes. 


We have really hit day one of our work even though we have been in Lui since Thursday.  Today Evelyn started teaching and I started my time at the Diocesan Office.  For those of you who were with Evelyn or saw her picture from her trip two years ago while she was teaching reading; the smile you saw there is back.  She has 19 beginning students. …


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News from Ev

The Internet in Lui is still down, but Dan and Ev have a Zain SIM card now, and Ev phoned me this morning. She says an MTN tower is also going up in Lui but isn't functional yet.


Ev sounded upbeat and happy. They really enjoyed their time with Lillian and David in Uganda. They did go to Jinja, where the Ugandan source of the Nile is, and actually got into a boat and went out into it. Most of them ate local tilapia for lunch that day. MAF had their visas and they were able to…


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Safe Arrival

Bishop Stephen texted me this morning that Ev and Dan have arrived in Lui safely. Thanks be to God!

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