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Saturday in Lui by Debbie Smith

Today is as much the weekend here as it is at home. The carpentry youth don't work, and the English classes are finished but wouldn't meet anyhow on Saturday or Sunday. So today we are doing different things. Rick and Erik have gone to fix…


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A Walk to the Chapel

Saturday started out fairly slow and I was able to sleep in a bit. We had our usual breakfast of rolls and a peanut butter and honey mixture. I am now down to counting my power bars and only eating half and saving the rest for the next day. But today I enjoyed my whole bar of White Macadamia Nut Crunchy Peanut bar and called it breakfast with my coffee n powered milk.

One of my students Lona is working at the compound. Ruthie has gone to a funeral in Mundri. Eva(Ava)from Sweden spoke about… Continue

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Music in Lui

As we arrived home safely from Lui last night, we thanked God for our safe travel, the good health of the team, and the terrific teamwork on the mission trip. The sadness of saying goodby lingers even as we are happy to be reunited with family here. When I went to the grocery store here this morning, I found myself looking expectantly at whomever I passed for the huge smile "hello" and an outstretched hand in greeting. Sadly it didn't happen... I am so moved by the love and friendship extended… Continue

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Today I feel like a truck hit me.  Well, I'm very tired for one, after all it is the middle of the night in Lui.  That isn't the only realization that is hitting me today.  I can't listen to the radio, don't want to, I can't do the laundry without crying and thinking of washing in Lui and how hard it is and the fact that if you could even get a machine there what water would you use.  I went to breakfast with a friend and got rice to go with everything else and dripped our refined honey on…


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Home is where the heart is

Tim and I walked in our front door in Kirksville a few hours ago.  It was grand to be home.  After being away and traveling so many days, our home looks good and comfortable.  Now as I read the recent blogs from Team 2, I realize my heart is still in Lui.  I am searching the blogs and photos for the friends we made, the sights that had become so familiar and the mention of all we are missing.  For many days Lui was home, its people were our extended family and our team members were our…


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Last Day of Class

Today was the last day of the ESL classes and I'm very sad. This afternoon I said goodbye to the group of Mothers'Union ladies who have become friends. After class we sang, "Ara'boya Jesus" and they presented me with 2 Moru baskets. I have enjoyed my ESL learners and can call some of them sisters. We've laughed, danced and learned together. I will remember my time with the MU and know in many ways they have taught me far than what I've taught them.
Ara'boya means thank you in English.

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Teach a person to build, by Rick Kuhn

This is posted on Dan'spage of the blog but is written by Rick Kuhn.

Thursday was the fifth workday for team two. Today we were rained out by 3pm by torrential wind-driven rain. There was almost two inches of water in the chapel and the doorways looked like waterfalls. We are surrounded by mountains on all four sides, which tends to make the wind blow in different directions in a storm.

Late last week Erik and I walked to the work site and were briefed by Carl…


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Thanks for the blog posts

Thank you everyone for your  blog posts.  We have been, and are, hanging on every word.  They are so valuable to us, and we are touched by so much that you say.  Thanks also to Desiree for this wonderful tool of communication.

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Debbie Smith: Notes from English Class

I have been trying to write about my class for two days, but my Kindle won't cooperate, so I am hoping Beth will post this for me.

I am teaching the youth (aka under-45) English class and really enjoying the students. I'm sad that the theft of money from the office has prompted Bishop Stephen to end the classes after tomorrow. We have been working on verb tenses and so forth, conditionals, comparisons... all that fun English teacher stuff. But for me…


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Team one

Well we are now waiting in Amsterdam. Talk about a small world. On the flight from Entebbe to Amsterdam there was a sister who overheard our conversation. She approached and asked if we had been in Lui. I said yes and she asked if we knew Eva from Sweden. So Eva, Ellen says hello and wishes you well.

Today is about listening to others. Right now we are visiting with a young man from Bali who is going to work for Disney cruise lines. Before that we were visiting with a woman from… Continue

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Making Connections

This afternoon I had my class(Mothers'Union) draw pictures of their homes or compounds. They drew chickens,maze,and their tukels where they live. They drew their families. They told me about their sleeping mats(on the floor),how many beds some of them have and where food is cooked on an open fire. Then we shared our pictures with one another in English. It was enlightening!

Well, what I wanted to write about is that I'm making connections with some of my students. I didn't know that Joanna… Continue

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Sacred ground

Well today was our last morning in Lui. I will not forget so much sacred ground as I have encountered this morning. First was the building of the fire for washing. Just before dawn I help, or try to with the building of the fire for wash water in the morning. Lets just say it's a good thing January is in charge.

Then there was tea with Ruth and Mora. Then the gathering for morning prayer. Then people started arriving. First Tim Simon who plays guitar at the English service. He left… Continue

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A new day

As I start to write this post I am aware that team one is about fifteen minutes from arriving at Kajjansi airfield and Kampala. I think I had just an inkling of what Deb G. Felt as she said good bye. It was the first time I ever waved goodbye a plane as it left Mundri. At least a bit odd.

I have seen from comments to posts and from Beth Felice that ther has been an outpouring of concern for us and our brothers and sisters in Lui. We appreciate that so much. Some have asked is there… Continue

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Now We Are 6

I'm saying good bye to family today. We've lived and worked together in a land called Lui where the team has become close. Our shared experiences and rustic/primitive living condition have bound us together. We share our highs and lows each evening and looked at each other with a commonality of shared experiences. Each person has given of themselves in their own special way and as strange as it sounds we've become family.

My music partner Cyndy Rapp is leaving so now Debbie Smith and I… Continue

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more random stuff

I am not reading everything from everyone else so I hope none of this is repetition. Apologies if it is. There just isn't time or energy to keep up.

About malaria meds for people here, a conversation on my last post: I think if you live here longer than a few weeks, you can't take antimalarial things like we do. People who get it can be treated but it's so prevalent here that perhaps the locals don' t think like that.

About the temperature : We have too hot and too cool with…


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Trainee Teachers

Yesterday we all attended a tea party to thank us for the work we have done and to wish us a safe journey. There were speeches from all the different groups, including an excellent one from Repent, one of the English students in our ESL class, and a member of the church's youth group. What really struck me most forcibly was when he asked where was our youth and why hadn't they come to help...

After the speeches, Bishop Stephen presented the two students, both from our ESL class (Charles… Continue

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News from the Brits

Yesterday a group of us went to Mideh which was a very exhausting and bumpy one and a half hours away, but it was well worth the journey. We attended the service which was a wonderfully lively affair, with enthusiastic singing, accompanied by drums and ululating. Annette gave an excellent sermon about the need for compassion which was ably translated by Bishop Stephen.

After the service, Jeannie demonstrated the play equipment, pulling toys (to be used for teaching the young children)…


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Co workers in Christ

Today has been hard. Yesterday we found out that the construction workers were not fed. We had a modest breakfast. All because of the robbery yesterday. The violation of the community is the hard part for our friends here too. We are all touched by this and it has meant looking closely at ourselves and what we expect and how we live. It is a challenge to ration toilet paper for just a few hours. Our friends here would give us their own and go without themselves. So we have to be more aware of… Continue

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Day of Sorrow, Day of Resurrection

I woke yesterday early in the morning. Roosters crowing,workers moving. Evelyn and I were up before the other missioners. It was apparent right away that something was not as it should be. By 6:30 Stephen was in the compound to find me and we went next door. All of the diocesan leadership was gathered together with the police. A break in and robbery had taken place. All of the cash for our present work, food for participants and missioners, water, etc had been stolen. A new reality had come to… Continue

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What a full schedule on these last days and what a heart full of blessings. Awhile ago I started visiting the kitchen ladies who cook for us. They were getting ready to leave and one of them took my hand and asked me to escort them to the gate. It was such a simple act of sisterhood and one that touched me deeply.

This morning they gave me fashion advice telling me not to wear my necklace it detracted from my collar. Oh, I now know how to start a charcoal fire too. Blessings never… Continue

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