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Communications with Lui

There's a Robert Browning poem of which the title always sticks in my head: "How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix." I don't know what the good news is exactly, but it's the story of three guys' wild overnight horseback ride with some kind of deadline. By the end of the poem, only the speaker and his horse have actually survived and are able to accomplish the mission. That's kind of how I feel about communications with Lui -- we start off well fortified with plans and backup…


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Today in Uganda

It's late Tuesday afternoon in St. Louis, but it's already the wee hours of Wednesday morning in Kampala, where Dan and Ev should have landed several hours ago. They don't fly into South Sudan until Thursday; we built an extra day into their schedule because nobody from our diocese has ever gone to SOUTH Sudan before and we weren't sure their visa bases would be covered. About the time of independence this summer, MAF let us know that they wouldn't be able to get visas for us anymore using…


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Praying with Dan and Evelyn each day this next month

Lui partners, we have a Missouri tradition of praying each morning with our missioners. At 7 AM, as many of us are at the beginning of our day, we stop to pray. For Dan and Evelyn, it will be 3 PM each afternoon in Sudan, for our Blackmore Vale partners it's 1 PM (and Sweden too, I think--correct me if that's not true, please).


Dan and Evelyn leave just before 2 PM Monday the 29th, so travelling prayers then, and we'll begin at 7 AM Missouri time for the month of…


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Goodbye to a Friend 2

When I look at the list of blog post titles, I know what most of them say. But when I see my own recent title "Goodbye to a Friend," I can't even remember who it's about -- it just makes me think about Emily Bloemker. Hence this post:


If you're in the Diocese of Missouri, you already know that Emily has left our diocese to take a new job. She can add a comment if she wants her personal information to be any more specific than that. Emily has been involved with the companion…


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Trip to Lui

Dan and I are excited about making what will be our second trip to Lui in the new nation of South Sudan.  Dan went to Lui in 2006 for the signing of the documents formalizing our relationship with Lui.  I was in Lui in November of 2009 as part of the Art Project.  I have wanted to return to Lui for an extended stay to focus working with adult learners. After sharing this idea with friends and with Bishop Stephen Dekolo the dream has progressed to reality.  I…


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Goodbye to a Friend

I learned today that our friend Shiella, one of the brilliant hosts of our recent stays at the MAF guest house, has left her job there. We were there when Shiella was learning to cook from her Scottish boss's mom, and she has seen us through a lot, coping with our Western refusal to share beds, doing our laundry in a hurry, helping us line up transportation and make good decisions about spending money in Kampala, and just generally being an enthusiastic and interested friend to our…


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