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Details About the Would-Be Visit from Our Moru Friends

A couple of recent conversations have made me realize that not everyone with an interest in Lui has heard the outcome of our attempt to bring four Moru people to the Diocese of Missouri for a visit this year.


What comes to mind, however different the context, is the medical euphemism for failure, “we did everything we could.” If you just want to know the outcome of our efforts, that pretty much sums it up: Despite the best efforts of the Dioceses of Missouri and Lui, our…


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Blackmore Vale Deanery Synod Meeting 23rd May, 2012.

The four of us who went to Lui a month ago (seems like a lifetime ago) gave a presentation to the Blackmore Vale Deanery Synod last week.   We have asked the Synod Members to give some thought to what future projects we might appropriately support ad presented the Rural Dean, Revd. David Seymour with a stole, made by the Mother's Union in Lui, which we hope he will wear whenever possible to help keep Lui in the forefront of people's minds.   I brought back a second stole for our local…


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An update on life after Lui!

It will be three weeks tomorrow since we returned from Lui and that seems no time at all, and at other times Lui seems a lifetime ago.  

Since our return, as well as trying to find the best way of sharing our hundreds, or is it thousands of photos, with each other and the world at large, we six have kept in touch by e.mail and the Blackmore Vale Deanery four intrepid travellers got together for a meal at my home on the evening of Monday last.   

We are all…


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Request for recent photos

Diocesan site photos archived at flickr are years old.

We have a request from Emmanuel for some more recent photos of:

>> grinding mills or water wells that are more recent

(For use in their mission brochure...)

Might anyone be able to share?

>> Kathy Wright

>> Parish Administrator

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Sad News -- A Message from Bishop Stephen About the Visas

Dear Debbie,

Greetings to you from Lui in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I hope that you are fine and doing well.

I am writing to inform you that I received telephone call at 10:00 am from Noel Knight

in Nairobi informing me about their visa interview at US Embassy in Nairobi and it was

unfortunate for the three travelers that the Embassy did not give them visa.

We are…


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There's good news and bad news...

The good news is that our wire arrived in Juba in record time. Our hoped-for Moru visitors have collected the money needed to travel to Nairobi for US visas and are in Juba now, planning to travel to Nairobi tomorrow for their interview Monday. So with luck, by the time we get up on Monday, we will know if their visa application has been approved or rejected.

The bad news is that the South Sudan Ministry of Education has refused Margaret permission to travel to the US. So the…


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