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Adjusting back to "normal" life after Lui

OK, so its cold, wet and miserable here in the UK but at least there are no cockroaches to face in the bathroom.   They were a minor detail however and I want to go back.   Sharing life in Lui, even for such a short time, was a wonderful  and very enjoyable experience, made even better by sharing it with such a lovely team of people, both our own team of visitors and the church members who made us so welcome.

Now comes the reality of thinking about where we go from here, how…


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Safe at home, goodnight, and amen.

All the team members are safe at our respective homes, with this traveler getting in to St. Louis Lambert Field about 7:00 PM last night local time, only slightly delayed by severe thunderstorms in the area.  After over 24 hours in transit, who knew that the trickiest bit would be landing in St. Louis?  But I arrived safely and was met by my husband Earl, and was suprised to see Bp. Smith also waiting.  Debbie Smith was returning on a different flight at nearly the same time after meeting…


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Returning Home

April 26 - We departed from the Lui/Mundri airstrip on MAF to Maridi and then on to Entebee. We left about noon and arrived about 6:00PM.  Time for a wash, supper and a final compline, repacking our bags and then to bed.

April 27- Up at 4:30 AM Kampala time,  left at 5:30 AM and back to Entebee, about 45 minute drive in the dark. We checked in, boarded and took off on time, 9:10 AM Kampala time, 1:10 AM St. Louis time.  On to London Heathrow, a 9 hour flight in relative comfort, all…


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...And we're off!

Alas, no time for loading photos.  We had a lovely farewell dinner party under the African stars last night.  We are doing the final wrap up this morning and are getting ready to head out to the airstrip.  Prayers please for traveling mercies as we make our way back to our various homes.  Having gathered in community here, it is time for us to scatter.  So we shall, with Bishop Stephen's blessing -

Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord.

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More hopeful news from Lui Missioners

I just received news that the visa appointment for Gordon, Margaret, Noel and Veronica is scheduled for May 7th.   The four will travel together to Nairobi and hopefully be approved at the same time. 

Waiting for the official stamp will take about one week. If the visas are approved and everything goes as planned the missioners will leave to travel to Missouri on May 15 or 16th.  We hope to have them in the Diocese of Missouri till the end of June.

Please continue to pray for…


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The Bikes have arrived!

This morning as we were dressing, the cry went up "The bikes have arrived". We rushed to the Diocesan Office compound where a truck hired from Juba was being unloaded amidst a gathering, including some very-interested small boys. With the donations from Blackmore Vale, Lund and Missouri, Gordon and Darius travelled to Juba. bought 4 motorbikes with helmets, then hired a truck to bring them and then used all the remaining money to buy 16 bicycles. This is more transport than we had estimated…


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Catching up

One thing that is a bit hard to convey in these posts is how very hard everyone is working.  There are several projects we are following, visa applications are done, negotiations for allocation of transportation funds, visits to outlying areas, sermons preached, skills taught, and the play school project going on every day but Sunday, meetings, meetings, meetings, and scanning receipts from here to eternity.  And then we spend a certain amount of time waiting for things to happen, or for the…


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Meetings, Meetings Meetings -by Anne Powell

First of all here is the photo of Elsa, which I said I had posted and instead posted a tukul with bouganvillea flowers.  We do sometimes feel our hair looks like tukul roofs, me in particular, but not Elsa!

Yesterday was a day of meetings: updates on various projects which the partners have…


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And more photos


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Sunday in Lui

I've attended three church services at Lui Cathedral this morning!  Pauline and I went down for the 9am service, but at 8.30 there was clearly something going on inside, so we thought we had the time wrong, entered and were caught into the early communion in Moru with a congregation as tiny as we would get at home for the same thing. Then Dennis joined us and we attended the 9am (well 9.30 am) English-language service where I preached and the 11 am Moru-language service where Dennis…


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Catching up

Lots going on!

Jeannie and Elsa have been working mornings and afernoons training about 20 ladies in how to run the play groups for the children.  In order to give the fullest understanding, all the ladies are doing the activities as if they were the children themselves...so they have been playing ball games, working with shapes, colors, and leggos, telling stories and a dozen other activites.  All the supplies are sorted and will be stored in bins aquired in the market place.  They…


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A Few Photos from Lui

The first is our arrival and welcome at Mundri airstrip. Bishop Stephen is shaking Jeannie.s hand. Also in the picture are L=R Elsa, Rev Darius, Pauline, Rev Gordon, Deacon Susan and Judith from Australia who was flying to Kajo-Kedji.…


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First Morning in Lui Diocesan Office

As Debbie has said, the first task we've been asked to help with is the completion of the online visa applications for Gordon Margaret, Noel and Veronica to visit Missouri. Dennis (Jenkinson) from Blackmore Vale, who is in our group, has taken digital photos of the four and is cropping and resizing them to get acceptable photos to upload with the application, whilst I've been checking all the application data. The photo studio is the terrace of the Diocesan Office with a white sheet hung on…


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And traveling in the opposite direction... An update on the missioners from Lui to STL

Stephen phoned me from Lui this morning because he and Anne were working on our four missioners' visa applications online. They do have their passports. To get visas, they apply online and are assigned a date for their interview in Nairobi (or somewhere else, but supposedly Nairobi). They go to the interview and if approved for a visa, get their visa within a few days. If that happens, they fly here soon after that. 

Anne needed to put in dates for their expected trip to the…


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A Green Chicken

Delayed post;

Tuesday April 17

We are safe and sound in Lui, after a full day of “getting here.”  Before launching into todays adventures, the team requested mthat I make an addendum to Mondays post.  On the grounds of the Palace were many families. Some were families of the royal guard, some were grounds keepers and house keepers.  All are small farmers, and many had chickens.  We were surprised to see a bright green chichen, with her little flock of  bright green chicks! …


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Arriving in Juba, and the first day in Lui Diocese

MAF did their stuff and we were walked through the visa and immigration at Juba by two of their local staff, which was just as well, as it is all confusing there. Even with help it took about an hour, so we would have become very nervous without their reassurance! We had a wonderful flight from Kampala to Arua, to Juba to Mundri with a MAF pilot called Dave from California.

We were met at Mundri by Bishop Stephen, Rev Gordon and Rev Darius, plus another driver. The brought the…


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Safely arrived in Lui Diocese

A text from Bishop Stephen Dokolo indicates travelers have arrived safely in Lui this afternoon.

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Out and about in Kapala

After our safe arrival yesterday, we checked into the Namirembe Guest House, and walked to the 10:30 service at Namirimbe Cathedral, just up the hill from our guest house.  "Just up the hill" translates into a short steep hike that made me thankful for the extra walking I've been doing.  The service was in Lugandan, but helpful people in our pews would occasinally lean over and whisper "Apostles Creed!", "John 19!" or "Lords Prayer!"   The sermon was markedly short for Africa, only 15…


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Safe Arrival in Kampala

I got a text this morning that all the people and baggage arrived safely in Kampala. They were going to Namirembe Cathedral this morning. So far, so good, thanks be to God. 

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Heading for Entebbe with the team

We are all gathered at the gate, waiting to board the flight to Entebbe.Dennis, Pauline, Anne,Jeannie and Elsa…


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