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Election Pictures - Beauty in the Vote?

Click here to view some recent photos from the elections, plus other scenes from IDP (internally displaced persons) camps and Khartoum. I really appreciate the diversity displayed in these pictures: Dinka, Nuer, Arab and other people are represented, though I couldn't find someone who was definitely Moru. Thanks to Robert Franken and Nancy Kinney for passing these along.…


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Credibility of Media Sources on Sudan: Perspective of Ingrid Jones/Sudan Watch

Sudan Watch is an aggregator blog on media reports on Sudan, edited by Ingrid Jones. Jones describes herself as "Blogger/anti-poverty campaigner since 2003. Apple Mac user/fan since 1988. 30-year career in recruitment/theatrical agency management, cable/satellite tv & telephony, physics education/desktop publishing. Chronic Fatigue (M.E.) since 1999. Sudan Watch blog is part of INGRIDNETWORK, the parent site of my network of blogs created to monitor mainstream media and blogs reporting on… Continue

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News from Lui

Back in May 2009, when Mary, Jim, and I were in Lui, Bishop Bullen talked with me about funding the exhumation of the body of Bishop Ephraim Natana, the first bishop of Lui, who died in Khartoum, for reburial in Lui Diocese. Given the other funding priorities of the companion relationship, the Diocese of Missouri did not end up helping Lui Diocese with this effort, but the event is now fortunately coming to pass by other means. Please rejoice with our sisters and…

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Sudan Votes / Music Hopes

As I type this post, I am listening to Al Sarah's song, 'Vote' - "Sudan we trying to be together, other folks they hope we split ... Whether you're from north or south, it's not about your color or religion, it's just politics." I am loving this site, as it seems so hopeful.

On the flipside, I am including below a document from the African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies, recording specific violations (and percentages of violations / irregularities) at polling sites in…

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MISSOURI: Diocese holds prayer vigil for Sudan (ENS)

By Matthew Davies, April 14, 2010

[Episcopal News Service]

Episcopalians in the Diocese of Missouri have been in deep prayer for their brothers and sisters in Sudan since the African country's first national elections commenced on April 11. The election was scheduled to conclude on April 13 but Sudan's Election Commission extended voting by two days to compensate for delays in delivering ballots… Continue

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Election Photos: Visualize Peace?

For those of you visual learners, click here for a beautiful set of photos by Fatma Naib, a journalist for Al Jazeera, who is covering the elections in Sudan. I'm not sure how much these tell us without captions, but for those who have been to Sudan, especially, they might be helpful...

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Blocking the Vote: Illiteracy in the Voting Process

For an truly excellent NPR article about the effect of illiteracy (which is estimated to be between 60 and 85% in Southern Sudan) on the elections, click here. Apparently each candidate has a specific symbol which represents him or her: I wonder what messages these symbols convey? From the sample ballot image posted below (courtesy of Fatma Naib), you can see that there are both male and…

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Jimmy Carter interviewed by BBC, April 12, video


Jimmy Carter, one of Sudan's election observers, has claimed that none of the candidates have officially withdrawn from the race.

The former US president said that 16, 000 names remained on ballots, as the legal deadline for withdrawing passed in February.

Quoting the election commission, he insisted that "the votes for each candidate will still… Continue

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How We Got Here: Elections in Sudan (podcast, 26 minutes, listen online or download)

How We Got Here is a history podcast from PRI's The World, each week they pick a topic in

the news and "hit rewind, delving into the past for a bit more context."

Hosted by Jeb Sharp (BBC).

By Jeb Sharp

April 13, 2010

This week’s history podcast features a conversation with historian Justin Willis of Durham… Continue

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Women Voting in Large Numbers in Southern Sudan: VOA

A Sudanese woman casts her vote in Sudan's elections, 13 Apr 2010

Photo: AP

A Sudanese woman casts her vote in Sudan's elections, 13 Apr 2010

As voting continues for a third…


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Sudan: Ten Hunger Facts-United Nations World Food Program


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Panoramic 360 photo: Sudan homecoming (BBC)

Sudan is holding its first elections since the end of the 21-year north-south civil war which saw some four million people flee their homes - one of the biggest and most protracted displacements of people from conflict in recent times.

About two million have returned to their homes in the south since the 2005 peace deal. The BBC's Lucy Fleming visited the village of Mathiang Dit in the province of Northern Bahr al-Ghazal, where more than half the population is made up of… Continue

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Emaciated Children Signal Crisis In Southern Sudan: AP/NPR

"Southern Sudan lies in a drought-prone belt of Africa, but the situation has been exacerbated by rising intertribal violence that claimed more than 2,000 lives in 2009. Because of the global financial meltdown, the government has fewer available resources.The food crisis is also a legacy of a devastating north-south c...ivil war of more than 21 years that left 2 million people dead and many more displaced. That conflict is separate from the war in the western Sudanese region of Darfur, which… Continue

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Prayer Service and Eucharist this Saturday, April 10

Join us at noon this coming Saturday at: St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, 808 N. Mason Road, Creve Coeur, MO 63141, ph 314-434-5906


UPDATE 4/8/10: If you are following current events in Sudan, you will note the increasing rhetoric and…


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