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Reflections by Maria Evans on Diocese of Missouri and Diocese of Lui Companionship

Maria Evans has writtten an article published in the AFRECS web site in the Winter Volume 8 SUDAN CONNECTIONS .  Maria was one of 6 people from Missouri who traveled to Lui in November 2012.  The team from Missouri were joined by partners from Blackmore Vale, United Kingdom and from Church of Sweden. The 10 missioners worked as a team on different projects which included teaching basic carpentry, basic sewing skills, continued work in preschool education and staffing a Pastors’…


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Timeline--is it needed or wanted?

Two years ago Missouri members of the companion diocese committee and missioners to Lui met for a storytelling workshop.

At that time, the remembered stories were woven into two drawings on butcher block paper: one was a map, one more of a timeline of events.

Members of that workshop felt having an online representation of that timeline would be a great tool, and one that could be added to by future pilgrims.

We chose, at the time, the best online option which you see…


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