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Greetings from Rina

I had an email this morning from Rina. She is the Mothers' Union Coordinator for the Diocese of Lui. She said things are getting better and asked me to give her greetings to all the women here in the Diocese of Missouri.

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Ceasefire agreement has been signed

Many of us throughout the diocese and Luinetwork have been praying for a ceasefire in South Sudan. An article from BBC News has confirmed a ceasefire agreement has been signed by the South Sudan Government and the rebels in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on January 23,2014.

The talks have been adjourned and will continue on February 7,2014. Hopefully the signing of the agreement will stand the test of time and peace will come to South Sudan once again.…


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Bishop Wayne writes about Lui Diocese

January 17, 2014

Since December 15 last year, when fighting first erupted around Juba, the capital of South Sudan, people have been asking about the situation in the Diocese of Lui. Early on I could respond with confidence that violence was contained around Juba, the capital city some 100 miles east of Lui.

Alas, the violence has spread into other parts of the country, mostly to the states north and east of Juba, but also into Moruland, the tribal…


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News from Isaac

I received a brief reply from Isaac, the diocesan secretary, also confirming what we've already heard.  The good news is that things appear quiet for now.

The two additional things of interest are that the looters took Isaac's mattress, and that the network in the diocesan office is not working.  Makes me wonder what other very basic things our friends in Lui are doing without at the moment. :(

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News from Eunice in Lui

Those of the 2012 mission team will remember Eunice as one of our frequent evening guests as we sat under the tukel and worked on our various projects; she particularly enjoyed crocheting with Chris and making macramé bracelets with me.

"Shooting was here for some days we took cover seriously and hide our selves in the house

we tried our level best to be safe
It seems calm now but we still fear a…

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Death Announcement

we in the Diocese of Lui are deeply sorry to inform you that, Rev. John Ombongwa the Pastor in-charge of iye'ba Parish in Minga Archdeaconry and also our Agriculture co-odinator for the diocese of Lui has passed away yesterday at Lui Hospital.

burial took place today at Iye'be.

may his Soul rest in eternal peace.



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Prayer Vigil at Salisbury Saturday 11 January


Yes, we will have a Vigil in Salisbury Cathedral from 10am to 11.30 am on Saturday (that's 4 am St Louis time, 11am Lund time and 1pm Lui time).   I enclose the prayers and subjects for reflection for anyone who would like to use them.

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Collection of Crisis News from the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan

Bishop Stephen and many others have sent news and prayer requests to the Diocese of Salisbury, a partner to the ECS(SS) of more than 40 years. Those messages are posted here.

On that page they mention that this Saturday, 1/11, is a day of prayer for South Sudan in the churches there. 

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News from Noel

I received a response to my e-mail from Noel Night the dean of the Cathedral:

Greetings to you and your family at large precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, iam very sorry of not replying your mails,as you know here is not easir for me to check e-mail because we don't have the computers in our office and even internat,but at last today i am able to check and read all your mails and i thank God for that.
We had a wonderfull Christmas and the…

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Short report "Lui in November 2013"

Started to write on this short report for some days ago and now, after reading Lilians blog about the violence in and around Lui, this maybe is not much to read…but anyway, here’s my words.

Happy New Year, all friends in Lui network!

Hope this year will be a better one for South Sudan.

Visit in Lui 17 – 28 November 2013.

We five visitors are from Lund diocese and we are all pedagogs. After Bishop Stephen's visit to Lund in 2012, we worked on a project…


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"Tribalism" is South Sudan

All Jazeera has run an article on the importance of seeing the current crisis in South Sudan as political, not tribal.  "Tribalism" is a mode of thinking we Westerners use to caricature the conflict to make it easier for us to understand.  Yes there are ethnic hatreds, but the ends being pursued is political power.  Well worth reading.

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Further news

This news is directly from Bishop Stephen.  I received a very short response to my e-mail and then this came around 8:30pm on Sunday. 

New Year Greetings to you from Lui.

I am not sure whether you have read the news about Lui from Lui network

pasted by my wife Lillian.

We have a very good Christmas celebration and new year but things changed

quickly to bad last Saturday there was fighting in Lui village between the solders at the school opposite the Compound…


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updates from Lui

Dear Friends,

its about two days now that Lui , Lanyi was on heavy gun shooting....

people ran to the bush for safety , Bishop Stephen is safe.

yesterday evening, again there was heavy gun shooting in Lui and shops were looted ,the same to Lanyi and the biggest looting was done in Jambo...

this morning I called Bishop, he told me that Lui as calm last night but they do not know yet how many were left dead...but as per now, all the Nuer Soldiers left Lui , Lanyi…


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Lui Update

I've been in touch with Lillian. She says that so far (as of Tuesday) Lui is OK. There are still a lot of soldiers in the area, so that's a concern, and many IDPs are arriving in Lui from Juba. Lillian had gone to bring the children back to Lui for Christmas, but because the fighting broke out in Juba, she and they are got stuck in Kampala with Bishop Stephen still in Lui. 

I have a 20-page pdf on the situation in South Sudan as of 1/2/14 published for Congress by the…


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Military: South Sudan Rebels Set Eyes on Capital

BBC reported (Jan 1, 2014) that the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan has called for an end to fighting in the country and for peace talks to be given a chance.  Riek Machar who is from the Nuer tribe and the ousted VP has agreed to a send a delegation to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. 

Although President Kir (Dinka ) has called for an end to fighting in the country, fighting continues in Bor the capital of the key oil-producing state of Jonglei. …


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AFRECS January 1 newsletter

If you are not familiar with, or not subscribed yet to the AFRECS biweekly newsletter, I'm copying it in full below. To subscribe the the newsletter, follow this link. -Beth…


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Peace talks begin today in Addis Ababa

Al Jazeera reports that peace talks between the factions of Salva Kiir and Riek Machar are set to begin today.  However, government forces are set to begin a campaign to retake Bor, the capital of Jonglei state, today.  The UN reports a mass grave in Bor with the bodies of 75 Dinka soldiers.

Pray for peace in Sudan.

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