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Episcopal Relief and Development: Church of Sudan Builds Peace, Serves Returning Refugees During Country’s Transition

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DATE : 1/27/2011



Church of Sudan Builds Peace, Serves Returning Refugees During Country’s Transition


During the week of January 9, Southern Sudanese living throughout the country and even overseas cast their ballots in a historic referendum to decide whether the South would secede. This referendum was the culmination of the…


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New Bishop of Lui

I have just found out from Salisbury sudan link facebook page that Bishop Bismark of Mundri has been appointed by the Archbishop to become the new bishop of Lui for 3 months until they find someone who can do it full time !

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Blackmore Vale Deanery Synod

Anne Powell, Jeannie Stevens and myself Shirley Smith have just returned from presenting photos and recommendations from our trip in November to Lui. The reaction from those present was very positive. As we spoke of our experiences of the church in Lui one could feel the energy in the room build to a real sense of purpose and hope. The church in this deanery is experiencing some difficulties especially in the South, the Pilgrim Vale. When we spoke of the faith and hope and inner strength and…


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Reflection on return from Sudan

Our reading at Family Service this Sunday morning was from Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, Ch1, vv 1- 8.    Paul is writing with a disciple, Sosthenes.  I’ve never heard the name Sosthenes elsewhere, but when I was in Lui last November I met a man called Sosthen:  Sosthen Amin,  a Pastor and Chaplain Lui Hospital.  Sudanese pastors are not paid, and Sosthen also works at the hospital as an HIV Counsellor.  Sosthen is fortunate to be employed, as there are very few paid jobs in Lui,…


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A Note of Thanksgiving from the Diocese of Lui to the people of Missouri

Greetings to you from the Diocese of Lui in the wonderful name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We hope that you are all fine and doing well.

We in the Diocese of Lui are very thankful to you for your prayers and financial support for us during the critical time we went through December last year. We are thankful to you because you stood with us during the time of illness of our Diocesan Bishop and your support…


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Sudanese Episcopalians rejoice as historic referendum draws to a close: ENS



[Episcopal News Service] People throughout southern Sudan have been "shedding tears and shouting for joy" this week as polls opened to voters in the historic Jan. 9-15 referendum that will determine a likely future of independence for the African nation...

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A Photo

Marie Körner just uploaded this photo from November to her Facebook album. I guess Rick, Emily, and I should not go around implying that we had it hard on the last trip...


So far, mostly so good on the referendum, in case you're wondering, although there has been some violence in Abyei.



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Interim Bishop, Election, Funeral...

I have had email from Stephen the last couple of days thanks to the generosity of Doctors with Africa, who are sharing their Internet while Lui's is down. Stephen has been in Kampala, where he was sick, and has been sick again since his return to Lui, but he says he is better now. 


It sounds like everyone in Moruland is very excited about the voting that started today. Stephen confirmed the break-in during the registration period (to the referendum office in the girls'…


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St Louis Post-Dispatch: For local Episcopalians, vote in Sudan gets personal

Read  religion reporter Tim Townsend's complete article at the Post Dispatch site.

Monitoring the referendum closely, from 7,000 miles away, will be members of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, who have had a "companion relationship" with the Episcopal Diocese of Lui in…

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Robbery in Lui????

Thanks to Peggy Harris for drawing my attention to this:


John Ashworth, a highly respected long-time Sudan watcher who lives and works there, puts out a month-by-month list of referendum-related incidents. In his December report, he includes an incident in Lui: December 5, 2011: 6-9 armed men wearing military uniforms entered the referendum registration office in Lui Girls Secondary school; SDG 10,000 stolen. He got this from an "international source." 


I have…


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Bishop Jeffrey Lee on politics & religion in Sudan

Bishop Jeffrey Lee (Diocese of Chicago) has an opinion piece on the Chicago Tribune website: "Politics, not religion, is at the root of Sudan's civil strife."  It begins:

I recently visited Renk, Sudan, a city that sits on the border between that country’s mostly Arab and Muslim north and its primarily African and…


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Debra Smith: While Sudan's referendum occupies the world stage, everyday concerns remain a focus on the ground (ENS)



[Episcopal News Service] On the world stage, what has mattered most in Sudan for months now is next week's referendum. But on the ground in Sudan, where the spotlight shines depends on where you are.

Back in…


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Two Interesting Links to Lui Info

Dave Lewis from the Salisbury-Sudan Link sent me this wonderful piece about Bishop Bullen by Evelyn Isaac. She knew him long before we did and has some fascinating things to say: …


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