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Companion Diocese Committee works to send a container of shoes, soap and salve to Kiryandongo camp

The CDC is organizing the diocese to collect 10,000 shoes for kids and 5,000 shoes for adults, soap, petroleum jelly, antibiotic cream, and examination gloves for the nurses--enough to fill a shipping container and get it to Sosthen and Veronica, and people from the Lui diaspora living in Kiryandongo refugee camp in Uganda.

It's a big goal and we would welcome your help.

For those not in the area, you can order items online and have them shipped to Advent Church…


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Morus, At Home and in Diaspora

Some of our friends from the Diocese of Lui along with others from Greater Mundri have fled their homes and resettled elsewhere. Some are in Juba, some in Yei, some still in the bush not too far from their homes; technically they are IDPs -- Internally Displaced Persons -- in the UN's terminology because they are still in their country of origin. Others have fled the country altogether. and are officially refugees Of those, some may be in Kenya; during the long Sudanese Civil War that ended…


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Lui Partners Meeting

Bishop Stephen, Noel, and Rina from Lui are meeting with partners from Lund, Blackmore Vale, and Missouri this week. This morning we heard about the situation in Lui town and diocese, and about the 16,000+ IDPs from Greater Mundri in Juba and Yei. Some areas in the diocese are under army control, and some are under the control of the rebels, so people cannot easily move between them without being suspected of informing or spying. Some villages have been mostly burned down, and almost everything… Continue

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New website - We are Children in Lui

Our partners Diocese of Lund created a marvellous website to enable children in Lund to learn about the lives of children in Lui.

They very generously offered to share this work and to host a similar website in English for their partners.  The translation work was done by Lui-traveller Elsa Foisack with a little bit of help from her English friends in Blackmore Vale, whilst Marcel Salinder of the Diocesan staff did a lot of technical work.

So the ‘We are Children in Lui’…


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Renewed SPLA attacks in Greater Mundri

Bishop Stephen emailed this morning that the army of South Sudan has for the past 4 days been increasing its numbers and building new bases in the Greater Mundri area, and that many of the people of Lui and Mundri dioceses are fleeing their villages. The army has burned some villages down. Please pray for our Moru friends!

If you know the Diocese of Lui, you may want these details:

"The parishes of Mideh, Matta, Mariba in Mideh Archdeaconry and parishes of…


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AC News Service: South Sudan bishops appeal for support as new areas hit by conflict

“It is important to speed up the process of mobilising resources so that help can reach people suffering now, with no water, no food, no medicine . . . Please share with friends, partners, so that people can get something.…


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Lenten Study from the ECSSS Diocese of Wau

A few of us in the Diocese of Missouri participated in the Wau Lenten study in 2014 and 2015. Here it is for 2016 if anyone is interested: 

Answers: Responding with the Word of Peace

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Update from Bishop Stephen

Bishop Stephen writes today that his people are still suffering and living in fear, not knowing what will happen. Besides fleeing to the bush and to Uganda, many Morus have fled to Yei, where they also are lacking basic necessities of life. Earlier this week, though, the World Food Programme, with assistance from the UN Mission in South Sudan, was able to deliver food in the Lui area. We know that food will continue to be a huge need because instability kept so many people from cultivating…


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Cuamm personnel working in Lui

In all other sad news I have been happy to get in contact with the Cuamm manager and to know that they have 7 expat staff that together with locals keep the Lui hopital running and also do some outreach work when possible. The international board of the Diocese of Lund decided last night to send 6 700 Euros through CUAMM for humanitarian assistance, food and medicine in the Lui Diocese. The manager told me that UN convoys go almost every week from Juba to Lui and this is how they get their…


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Aerial campaign over Mundri

Was it me who posted that the situation in Lui was improving?  Just a couple of weeks ago I had an encouraging phone call with Bishop Stephen, but sadly today I had the following reports.

South Sudan News Agency: Juba launches air campaign against rebels in Western Equatoria State

November 25, 2015 - South Sudanese government has launched an aerial campaign on rebel positions in Mundri County of Western Equatoria State, a Spokesperson for the armed…


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Lui - situation maybe improving

I had a very brief chat with Bishop Stephen today.  The situation in Lui is slightly improving, he said, and the latest peace agreement is beginning to have some effect.  He thanked me for our prayers, I know he would want to thank you all.

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"Understanding New Violence in South Sudan's Western Equatoria"

John Ashworth posted this article from Radio Tamazuj, which seems to offer a balanced look at what has been happening in the Lui, Mundri, and Mvolo areas and other parts of Western Equatoria.

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Pray for our Moru friends

The Sudan Tribune posted an article on Wednesday 7 October 2015 about the killing in Western Equitoria.  The Tribune claims the SPLA is responsible for the attacks..

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More Sad News from Our Moru Friends

Bishop Stephen has emailed to tell us that Lillian's mother passed away at 7:30 pm today, October 7. He asks for our prayers for Lillian and the family. 

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Bombing Near Lui

This morning I woke up to texts from Vasco and then spoke with him by phone. A warplane bombed the Amadi junction, near where people are hiding in the bush. (For those who don't know, the junction is just a few miles outside Lui town on the road to Mundri.) Vasco didn't know whose warplane it was. He added that there are sick people stuck in Lui Hospital, among them his daughter, and that staff of CUAMM (an Italian organization, Doctors With Africa) are also at the hospital.



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Details About the Fighting in Moruland

Thanks to people in the Diocese of Salisbury for mentioning this source of news, Nyamilepedia, which I had never seen before. The story "Heavy Fighting in Greater Mundri" offers extensive detail on the SPLA attacks in Moruland. 

The story's explanation of reasons for the SPLA's attacks are as follows:

"It’s not…


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Bad news about Lui from Lillian

I´m asked to put this on Lui network. (Madeleine)

Marie Körner just spoken with Lillian (first on Scype and then over the phone). Lillian is in Kampala. It's really bad news. Dinka soldiers armed with many weapons have moved along the road from Juba and west and shot at civilians, destroyed and looted. In Jambo and Buaji they surprised the population, and even churches which were built by Samaritan Purse was destroyed. At Lanyi did the locals resisted and there was heavy fighting but…


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Bishops International Seminar - Lund, Sweden

Carl and I returned last Friday from our 50th wedding anniversary celebration cruise to the Scandinavian countries around the Baltic Sea. We went a few days early to Copenhagen to visit with Eric and Ewa Winqvist, our Swedish friends who worked with us in Lui.

We took a train over to their town in Sweden. Eric had told us they had a house guest,and, imagine our surprise when, low and behold! the house guest was none other than Rina, from Lui, in Sweden for a "Bishops Seminar"… Continue

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More Shooting in Lui Diocese

Lillian tells me that there was heavy shooting in Lui all day today. She and Stephen are safe, and as far as she knows, the church's buildings are safe too. But everyone has fled to the bush, so nobody is left to ask now.

Yesterday Jambo saw a similar attack. (Jambo is the large town south of Lui just before you enter Rokon Diocese on the way to Juba.) A lot of people from the church in Mideh, which is by Jambo, had their houses burned down in this most recent…


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