Ning networks offer several ways for members to communicate:

  • Blogs-every network member has their own blog and web page, go to "my page." Blogs are great for longer posts, quotes from other websites. You can comment on blog posts, but they are more one directional, with the author getting the main billing.
  • Members-is the directory of members on this network.
  • Forum-these are conversations, similar to the older internet style of bulletin board. More egalitarian. Any network member can create a forum/discussion. (We've tried these but not found them to be any more conversational that on blog posts--so they're in mothballs for the moment. If you want to bring them back, just send a message to an admin.)
  • Groups-If this network becomes large, it may be helpful to have smaller working groups. This feature exists and is activated for member, should they have need or interest in this feature.

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